Saturday, March 29, 2008

Non-jet lag

Despite not having taken my trip, I felt like I'm suffering from jet lag, and not sure what day it is. Consquently this is a cross post with the Midnight Ink Authors blogspot. Mostly.

How much do I do to promote Wild Goose Chase? When is enough enough?

I’d planned to be at the Quilters Heritage Celebration in Lancaster, PA for four days this week, signing books. An all expense-paid trip. Paid by me. But the trip was not to be.

After American Airlines cancelled my flight the second day in a row, I was stuck. Getting east from the left coast isn't easy and connecting flights to Harrisburg happen once a day. I was willing to go after a one-day delay but a two-day delay, I decided the trip wasn't worth it. I needed to cut my losses ($60 in cabs going back and forth and back and forth to the airport), and stay the heck home.

But should I gotten there somehow? Isn’t that the American way? It’s clearly not the American Airline way.

Ironically, I’d planned this post to be about the Amish. Lancaster is the original home of the Amish. They never have these kinds of travel problems. They only go to places that the Mennonites can drive them to. Niagara Falls is a big destination. The Grand Canyon. Last time I was there, Rueben Yost told us about his trip to California. Even though he was a farmer, he couldn’t name the spiky leaved plants he was seeing from the bus. Artichokes, we told him. He’d never seen an artichoke.

Traveling by horse and buggy has its limits. Left turns are difficult, evidently. And horses can only pull a buggy about fifty miles a day. Anna, Rueben’s wife, got misty-eyed when she told us how much she missed seeing her daughter. She lived 55 miles away. 55 miles! I’d drive that for the right piece of fabric or a new book. Or to watch the pelicans dive bomb. I’m three-thousand miles from my mother. For Anna, her daughter might as well be on the left coast.

I didn’t get to go the quilt show and meet my new fans, but I did save a lot of money. I think I’ll spend some of it on gas and go to the ocean. Next week, I’ll fly to NY to see my mother.


Melanie & Johnny & Marlia said...

If you feel like you have jet lag without even taking the trip, maybe it is a good thing you didn't get to go. Enjoy a rest at the ocean.
Anna and her daughter should meet halfway!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...


I never thought about the restrictions on the Amish because of their travel by buggy. Duh!

I had a reverse situation to yours. My husband and I were stranded at LaGuardia by American Airlines, and we had to drive to Harrisburg to fly home. (Or spend three days in the airport...not a good choice!)

Sorry you missed your trip.