Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mother and child reunion?

A couple of reasons why today's blog is a bit frivolous:
1) I'm exhausted from running the Boston marathon yesterday (that was me, disguised as a 22-year-old from Ethiopia); 2) I'm as nervous as if I were running in the Pennsylvania primary; and 3) on top of all that, it's Earth Day, and I'm worried that I'm not green enough. It's also J. Robert Oppenheimer's birthday, a great cause for celebration.

But the top reason is that these photos are too cute to keep to myself.

Here's how they came about. In my very first novel, with typical (for me) lack of imagination, I furnished my character's apartment to duplicate my own decor. I have a beige carpet; Gloria has a beige carpet. I have a blue glide rocker, Gloria has a blue glide rocker. And so on. Except that she lives above a funeral home and I don't.

When I decided to make a miniature of Gloria's mortuary dwelling and furnish her miniature apartment, I realized I couldn't make a glide rocker, so I ordered one through an online catalog. It looked pretty good in the catalog photo, but not THAT good. When it arrived and I opened the box, a creepy feeling came over me. I looked over my shoulders … too eerie! It was as if I'd shrunk my own glider and this was the result. Once I got over the unearthly sensation, the rocker became one of my favorite pieces of mini furniture.

Now I'm thinking I might as well make this a contest. I invite you to write a caption for the photo. An independent panel of judges will choose a winner who will receive a miniature scene similar to the ones pictured in my GALLERY at www.dollhousemysteries.com

[Glide rocker not included.]


Ellen said...

"When I went up that tributary of the Amazon, I didn't know it led to a tribe of fierce chairhunters."

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Here's mine:

This gives a whole new meaning to baby rocker.

Kathryn Lilley said...

"Who knew you couldn't put gliders through the wash?"

Camille Minichino said...

I seem to have 3 winners! I'll be in touch privately about a suitable prize ... I won't burden you with a "scene" unless you really want one!