Saturday, May 17, 2008

To be read pile

I'm on a list where people are posting pictures of their to-be read pile. Giant leaning towers of prose stacked up on the nightstand. Mine includes two manuscripts (Old Maid's Puzzle and Stamped Out), research on mountain lions, Pacific Grove and Julia Morgan, architect, the first mystery of friend (and soon to be KH blogger) Betty Hechtman (Hooked on a Murder)and the usual array of books.

TBRs and UFOs (unfinished projects in quilt lingo) are just a fact of life. I struggle to be non-judgmental and see them as bountiful abudance rather as anxiety-producing, brow-furrowing, stomach-churning to-dos. I try.

If it all gets too much, I purge. In fact, I'm getting rid of a UFO right now. Email me if you want it. It's a Judy Niemeyer paper-piecing project called Autumn Splendor. I believe all of the papers necessary are there. There are about 7 blocks complete, done in batiks in a wide variety of colors. I'm not guranteeing anything, but you should be able to get a lap quilt out of what's there. There's not enough fabric cut to finish. First one to email me gets it.

So some pictures of my TBR pile:


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becky h said...

Terri - the cover of your stamping mystery looks wonderful. I can't wait to read it (and your second quilting mystery too). Good luck on both books!