Thursday, August 28, 2008

Olympics for All

I have to admit that I’m not much of a sports fan. Even so, I enjoyed watching bits and pieces of the Olympics over the last couple of weeks. And cheering on the U.S. athletes.

For a lot of the time during the Olympics, I was traveling. That meant less access to TV, although news of this kind is available nearly everywhere. I want to thank Camille for posting her fun recaps from past blogs on Thursdays during my absence.

I missed my dogs, of course. And I think they missed me, even though they were well cared for. My younger son was around a lot. So was our new pet-sitter, who could be an apt colleague for Kendra Ballantyne, my mystery protagonist, in her wonderful care for her charges. Possibly even more professional, but don’t tell Kendra I said that. Plus, a neighbor popped in a lot to check on everything. My pups had a lot of company, even though they’re still trying to convince me they were persecuted and lonesome.

Speaking of pups and the Olympics, it turns out that there are pet Olympics currently going on in Hong Kong. That’s almost as intriguing to me as people Olympics. Some of the on-line clips I’ve viewed suggest they’re similar to agility trials.

Anyway, I’m home now, back in routine, which includes keeping an eye on media reports pertaining to animals. Did you hear the one about the break-in and crime spree in an Atlanta courthouse... by a raccoon?

What else did I miss while I was away?



Camille Minichino said...

Welcome back, Linda! And you can see anything you missed on YouTube ... EVERYTHING is recorded these days and will be accessible forever. Which might make a good blog topic.

Kathryn Lilley said...

In the recent animals news, I read that deer and cattle have true "animal magnetism", which means they tend to align their positions to the earth's magnetic poles:;_ylt=Aq7t9NgwRdKPV550DTNIhmYSH9EA

Kate Hathway said...

Have you seen this story about a dangerous dog toy?
And Kathryn, I'd say that the reason is more that lining up that way, they experience more sunshine/warmth on their sides (sun going east to west), helping with digestion and comfort issues.

Melissa said...

Has anyone been watching Greatest American Dog? I absolutely LOVE it, and hope it continues for as long as Survivor and Big Brother (altho I doubt it).

Was so sad to see Bill and Star go home last night...they were my faves =(

Kate Hathway said...

Greatest American Dog, my foot! The challenges are stupid and now that a dog's gotten hurt....
it should NOT come back for another season unless it is completely overhauled.

Linda O. Johnston said...

You're right about YouTube, Camille. Some of the Pet Olympics stuff is on it.

And, Kathryn, I did see the info about animals and magnetism. My husband's an Ohio farm boy and said he'd heard that before. One interesting side note: our puppy Mystie seems to be aligning her nylon bones in arrow form pointing south. She does it inside the house, so I can't think it's related to keeping warm, but she is the pup who chases sunbeams.

I'll check out that toy, Kate, and be sure not to get one.

And I have watched some of the episodes of Greatest American Dog,
Melissa, and have enjoyed it. I was gone when one was hurt, though. That's terrible! I'll have to look at the website and learn more.


Betty Hechtman said...

Welcome back, Linda. I'm sure your dogs will forgive you.