Sunday, August 17, 2008

Photo Opp

It started because I wanted to be like my blogsisters and include a photo in this weeks entry. Since I’m the I.T. person at my house – yikes what a frightening thought – I thought I would just monkey around and figure out how to do it.

I thought I’d try a practice run before I actually tried to put a photo in my blog. Of course, then I couldn’t think of any kind of photo to look for. Crochet, I thought finally. I’ll find a photo of hooks or yarn or some finished item. I found a photo on of some Irish crochet which was pretty and actually is featured in Dead Men Don’t Crochet so it was relevant.

There is no point in going through the boring details, but all I was able to do was save the photo to my computer. At the end of this I am going to see if I can move it from there to here.

But reasoning there must be a way to take a photo from a site and plunk it right into a blog, I decided to try a photo from somewhere else.

All I know is I ended up freezing my computer so bad even ctrl alt delete didn’t help. I had to push the on button to shut it down. Luckily no permanent damage. By now I had wasted all my potential blog writing time.

So, here goes. If it works, you’ll see a lacy photo of Irish crochet. If it doesn’t ... I don’t even want to go there.

The photo was supposed to go down here. Having it appear on top takes away all the suspense. I've seen photos in other parts of blogs. How did they get there?

I did notice as I was adding the picture there was something about getting photos from the web which makes me think I was trying to do it backwards. Okay, there's always next week.


Terri Thayer said...

I've only ever used my photos. I worry about copyrights. The pictures always wind up on top for me, too. I just cut and paste. Make sure you get all the gooblygook that makes up the html for the photo.

You tried. That's something.

Camille Minichino said...

Lovely photo -- it was worth it!

My experience is as Terri said ... it will always put it on top (but you can choose Left, Right, or Center) and you just highlight the photo html and paste where you want it.
HOWEVER as far as wrapping text it depends on how big your image size is.
What I do is use Photoshop, then open the picture, wherever it's from, in Photoshop where you can crop, check size and so on.

Google doesn't make it easy OR intuitive, so If you want to chat off blog about this, we're all ready to share our experience!

PS Your writing is so good, Betty, that I didn't even notice you didn't have pics!

Kathryn Lilley said...

My graphics always wind up really big because the images are large to start with, but I like 'em that way (grin). I just stumbled across the method of cutting and pasting the imabes so that they appear elsewhere in the text. Then I always have to do "Preview" a gazillion times to experiment with the way the text wrapping comes out. Takes a lot of time!

Betty Hechtman said...

Thank you, thank you for the suggestions and encouragement. I'll try again.

It was pretty exciting when I saw all that gobblygok turn into a photo.

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