Thursday, October 30, 2008

Even More Traveling!

Sorry that I missed out on blogging last week. I knew I’d be traveling again but thought I’d have more regular Internet access.

The first part of this trip was a 5-day cruise to Bermuda. Fun! Did some touring and researching an idea for a thriller that I’m working on. One thing that was disappointing was that I didn’t see many pets--just a cat. There were plenty of pigeons, though. I also saw businessmen wearing their shirts and ties tucked into colorful Bermuda shorts. Not a lot of them, but enough to assure me this custom is still in effect.

Next, I went to New York and met with both my Berkley and Harlequin editors, as well as the senior editor for Silhouette Nocturne. I came away really jazzed and eager to get back home to write, especially since I’ve got more time to do it these days.

That night we saw a Broadway show, the live Mary Poppins musical. It was cute, and some of the special effects were amazing for a stage performance.

Finally, we attended the Baron Funds Annual Meeting, our excuse for going to New York. Despite the bleak economy these days, the people there were, fortunately, optimistic. Of course, that’s their job. Plus, as always, the surprise entertainment was wonderful! At lunchtime, there were 4 different venues and we unfortunately didn’t get to them all--but the entertainers included Faith Hill, Patti LuPone, Jessica Simpson, and two excellent Broadway Tony winners currently starring in South Pacific: Kelli O'Hara and Paulo Szot. The main surprise entertainment was Jerry Seinfeld, who gave a really great stand-up performance. He stepped in at the last minute, apparently, since the person originally scheduled had gotten ill out of the country. Seinfeld did an outstanding job!

Fun? Sure. But I’m through traveling for a while, and very glad to be home with my pups. They seem glad to have me around, too--both are eager for lots of attention and vie for who gets the next lap time. And, yes, although I did get some writing editing and research done on the trip, I am also glad to be back at work.

Anyone have any upcoming, exciting trips planned?



Camille Minichino said...

Nothing like NY too soon ... my fave city. Hope to get there early 09. Exciting time, Linda!

I am going "home" to Boston for Christmas, however, and looking forward to it.

The MFA there apparently wants me because there's an installation exhibit going on by Rachel Whiteread, with 200 dollhouses!

Janie Emaus said...

Hi Linda,
My big trip is a night in Santa Barbara to celebrate my parents'
65th anniversary.
I'm glad you had so much fun.


Linda O. Johnston said...

That's amazing, Camille--200 dollhouses? Wow!
And, Janie, many, many congratulations on your parents' 65th anniversary!

Betty Hechtman said...

Your travels sound great. My next trip will be to the Monterey Bay area to do some refreshing of my memory for my fourth book.

I'll be going to Chicago in early December to do promotion related to Dead Men Don't Crochet.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Monterey Bay's a fun place to visit, Betty, especially the aquarium. And these days I especially enjoy Chicago, with my son and daughter-in-law there, but hope the weather treats you, and them, all right!