Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I don't know what day it is. I know it's the day after Thanksgiving and that means it's Black Friday, but I was never one to get up and shop on this day anyhow. I'm really out of whack. I traveled back from SoCal on a Monday, which threw me off last week. I celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday and by the real day came and went, we'd already eaten the leftovers and I was over turkey. And totally confused as to what day it was. Holidays will do that to you.

It's not like I work a regular workweek schedule. I'm writing and promoting and while it takes a lot of time, when I do it is up to me. This weekend I'll be working on a manuscript because INKED UP, the second stamping mystery, is due in two weeks and I need to make up the time I've taken off for the holiday. I do have my routines that they help me get into the groove. Put me at Starbucks or OVC, the local independent coffee shop, or the library, and I'm transported to the writing place.

What to you do to work during these distracting holidays?

I just figured out what day it is. Today is the day I get back to work.


Camille Minichino said...

I often try to set a book or story during the holiday season I'm in, so I can use all the sensory details around me. This applies to little "holidays" as well -- whatever brings out decorations or themes.

If that timing doesn't work out, I write the holiday scene anyway and 1) I'll use it eventually, or 2) it gets me in the writing zone.

This makes Christmas just about the easiest writing season!

Bill Cameron said...

I complain about how the holidays are a giant money hole which are, at best, a distraction and, at worst, a soul-crushing source of despair. People love being around me during these complaints.

Terri Thayer said...

That's a good idea. INKED UP is set in the week before Halloween, so I was able to get in that mode easily. I'm always taking notes whatever the season.

Bill, this is why you need to stay in cyberspace. Your cyber friends can't walk away from your rants. Or at least you can't see us...

Monica Ferris said...

I can remember writing a Christmas mystery in our old house before we put in central air, wearing as little as possible, big fan moving the warm air across my lower body, Christmas music playing on my boom box, happy as a clam at high tide and hopelessly confused about what season we were in. I have gotten so deep into a fictional season when writing that I've been amazed to look out the window to see snow falling when I've convinced myself it's the Fourth of July. My new office hasn't got a window so that solves that problem!

Betty Hechtman said...

Thanksgiving did mix me up on what day today was, but I went to my usual indoor cycling class and everything fell into place after that.

As for writing, yesterday, Thanksgiving or not, I worked on book four of the crochet mysteries. All I need is my kitchen table, a cup of coffee, and a yellow pad and a pen.