Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

1. For last minute homemade gift ideas, go to
You'll see how to make a personalized stationery set, an easy crocheted scarf, a memory jar, holiday cards, the I-Pod purses, and a cool notepad.
2. I'm posting this early--and I won't be checking in until late on Monday because our family is volunteering at a local food bank.
3. I love holiday newsletters! It's so fun to catch up. So, here's a slightly abbreviated version of what my family sent out this year:
The 2008 Slant on the Slans!
Michael graduated from high school this fall. We took him and his girlfriend Emily on a two-week vacation in late August at Kiawah Island before dropping him off college. He’s loving it! He’s doing very, very well in his engineering studies, and we’re so pleased that at least one of us isn’t freezing this winter. When he’s not in class, Mike has been jammin’ on his guitar at area hot-spots with his residence hall advisor, Miles.

David’s business continues to hum along, although the plunging economy has caused a few sputters! Steinway Piano Gallery still does very well, thanks in part to the fabulous group of people we have working with us. At night, David plays online poker, and he’s learning to deal with short stacks. (These are not pancakes. Trust me.)

Joanna’s new mystery Paper, Scissors, Death debuted in September and quickly sold out of the initial print run. The reviews are fabulous. She keeps getting asked if it’s a true story, so the answer is, “My husband was alive when I left the house.” You can see that book and the second one in the series (Cut, Crop & Die) at

Our dogs are fine. Vicky ignores all of us, as royalty is wont to do. Rafferty keeps peeing on the holiday lights on the lawn and shorting them out. Great entertainment, that.

We’re spending several days this holiday season volunteering at a local food bank. How blessed we are that we are able to give rather than be on the receiving end. No matter how bleak the economy looks, we have so much to be thankful for. (Yes, Virginia, sentences do, on occasion, end with prepositions.)
May you all have a happy, healthy and blessed holiday--and may we all enjoy renewed prosperity.
Love, Joanna


Camille Minichino said...

Bless you and all who give so generously, especially of time -- what a wonderful way to share your blessings. Thanks for inspiring us, Joanna!

Terri Thayer said...

Happiest of holidays, Joanna.