Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Cookies

I would like to write about some books for gift ideas, but the only books I have been looking in for the past few days are cookbooks. My son convinced me that rather than ordering cookies for gifts from someone like Mrs. Fields or Mrs. Beasley, I should bake them. He said my cookies were better. How can you argue with a comment like that?

This was after flying home from Chicago in a blowing snowstorm and having some idiot shoot a BB gun through my living room window. We are all walking softly since the 10 foot by 4 foot window is all crackled and the window guys can’t put in new glass until Monday. We don’t want the window to leave the frame until there is new glass to replace it.

Oh, and my Internet service is all messed up or maybe it’s my computer. Either way I can barely write or read an email without getting kicked off and then spending way too much time fighting with trying to get back on.

I decided to go with my son’s thinking. After all I had just gotten a brand new mixer. I thought I’d write my blog about making the cookies with my new mixer. I was already composing it as I took it out of the box and moved my old one to the corner of the counter on its way to Goodwill. Both the new and old mixers are the same brand. My old one was from sometime in the 70's and avocado to prove it. The new promised to be a professional model and was industrial looking with its sleek gray metal color.

However as I examined the new one, I noticed it was basically the same as the old one, except a worse design. The great thing about Kitchenaid mixers is the way the beater gets close to the bottom and sides of the bowl. The trouble was the new one’s beater was hitting the bottom and sides of the bowl and making it jump around. According to the instructions it was factory set to be just right, but in case there was a problem, it had a screw to turn to raise the beater.

I couldn’t adjust it so the beater didn’t smack the bowl around. So Mr. Metal went back to the store. And my old avocado mixer got it’s spot back. And surprise surprise, it did a great job with the cookie dough.

Maybe that’s what’s wrong with things. We’re endlessly sold a bill of goods that we need something new and modern - when what we already have is still just fine.

The chocolate chip cookies are disappearing before I can get them in the tins to send as gifts. And the spritz Christmas trees are melt in your mouth delicious. Luckily I have a whole plate of lopsided ones my family gets to eat. I still need to pack up the cookies in tins and am wondering if I have enough energy to make a batch of nut balls.

It’s harder making the cookies instead of just making a few clicks online, but definitely more satisfying. And it looks like I stayed online long enough to post this.


Deb Baker said...

LOL! The stressful joys of December. May your old appliances last forever. We upgraded our dishwasher and washing machine. They both take much longer to cycle than the old ones. Go figure.

Camille Minichino said...

Same here with a brand new washer/dryer that is no where near as good as the old one.

You got us started on some very interesting tracks, Betty -- our tendency to believe that something new will be better as well as the built in obsolescence of new things.

Did you ever find the source of the BB gun incident?

Linda O. Johnston said...

Wow, Betty, you have a lot going on, and I admire your resorting to domesticity to help get you through. We recently got a new refrigerator--our second in less than a year because the first one was defective, and we pushed a lot on our warranty and finally got a replacement. I think manufacturers get carried away sometimes with new ideas without completely testing something before putting it on the market.