Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm an East Coast gal, used to spending my Christmas in cold, snow, ice or any combination of the three. Despite having lived in California for the last dozen years, Christmas always sneaks up on me. I blame it on the lack of weather cues. The weather in my town is perpetually September.

My native Californian friends tell me it's because I don't pay close enough attention. The weather here doesn't grab you by the throat and shake you, it eases its way in. Changes are subtle but they're there.

So I went looking for proof that nature is into Christmas in Cali.

First some fall color. Yes, it's December, but it's never too late for flaming maple trees.

Bird of paradise are always festive. Especially with reindeer.

I found some red and green trees:

Up close you can see those are berries.

Of course, geraniums are festive.

And roses:

And the Christmas bougainvillea, of course:

December 25th arrives whether or not we're ready. Here's hoping you enjoy yours with friends, family and some red and green.


Camille Minichino said...

Lovely photos, Terri. I miss the cold so much, I'm going back this year! And there's a blizzard right now in the heart of Boston. I can't wait to be in it.

You're so right about those weather cues that are missing in CA -- it shook my sense of time especially when I first moved here. I wear pretty much the same clothes in all "seasons" so how can I remember when that wedding/party/birth was??

Betty Hechtman said...

There certainly have been weather cues in Southern California this year. It's been freezing, literally, for the past couple of days. This morning my front lawn was covered with frost and there was ice on the car windows.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want, you can come over & walk on the ice on our back deck--that might make it feel more Christmasy! :)