Monday, December 8, 2008

Joanna's Five Gift Book Picks

Over the course of the next week, we’ll be sharing our ideas for gift books for the holiday. Now, the rule is that we can’t include our friends. And that’s going to be a problem for me, I’ll admit. See, I have this personal thing about buying from nice people. There are sooooo many books in the world, and if I know an author is nice, that really tips the scale in their favor as far as I’m concerned. And if the author is a bud, a person who has helped me, taught me, been kind to me, well, shoot….I’m a real fan and I’ll buy and recommend his/her book as often as possible.

But those are the rules, so here goes:

1. Save the Cat by Blake Snyder—This is one of my newest favorite books on writing. Snyder has a way of teaching you that sticks in your head. His funny phrases are memorable, and his advice is incredibly useful.

2. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely—Any student of human behavior will love this book. Finally, someone explains why I always overeat at buffets! And if you apply his information to marketing, you really can see why “free” is always a great pitch.

3. Staging Your Comeback by Christopher Hopkins—How NOT to look like a dowdy little old lady. Whoa-doggies. Hopkins shows powerful examples of “don’ts” which will cause you to set down the book and run screaming to your closet.

4. Marketing to the Social Web by Larry Weber—This is the skinny on digital communities. His advice and his insight will help anyone build a brand. Described as a roadmap of the new customer information highway.

5. Eat This Not That! By David Zinczenko—And you thought you were being good by eating that chicken sandwich. Woo-ha-ha! Instead, you packed on the pounds. I could not put this book down. My son, his girlfriend and I read it in awe. This is essential stuff because you only THINK you know how to eat healthfully.

And here's the lagnaippe, a special book for scrapbookers and artsy types that I'm having loads of fun with

6. The Doodle Formula by Adrienne Looman--You'll learn how to make cool doodles that are all the rage on scrapbook pages. "Cute Couple" is an example. I did it over the course of two nights and had a blast!



Betty Hechtman said...

I loved your list and want to go out and buy all the books right now. Maybe I will even if it means carting them home in my suitcase.

Terri Thayer said...

Great, Joanna. I wasn't familiar with most of these books. Which is exactly the point!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Yep, I figured that the quirkier the picks, the more useful to our readers.

Camille Minichino said...

Thanks, Joanna -- I loved that Save The Cat book, also and followed it to the letter when I wrote my first screenplay last summer.

Great list!

My list next week!