Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love coffee

I love coffee shops—a great source of enticing pastries, plus food for thought.

Last week, I sat behind a young man who was clicking away on his laptop. Across the aisle, two young women chatted, until the young man looked over and caught their attention.

"I'm a writer," he said, without being asked.

"What are you writing?"

"A screenplay. It's almost done, then I'm going to send it to Will Smith."

"How did you decide to be a writer, anyway?" asked one of the women.

The young man sat up straighter and stared out the window, a reflective posture. "You don't choose to be a writer; it chooses you."

Words of wisdom? Or a pick-up line?


Ellen said...

Writing seems to cluster with libido and alcohol - perhaps even coffee. But I don't know very many writers of the driven sort who'd leave an active keyboard to pursue members of the opposite sex.

But then, I chose writing, not the other way around.

Ellen said...

Duh. Don't write without coffee. By which I meant - probably a pickup line. If he was in a coffeehouse, he was just surfing the net, which may be addictive but can be trumped by libido.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Camille, I do see a lot of people who spend significant amounts of time on their laptops at coffee shops concentrating so hard that I assume they're accomplishing something. I like that story about writing choosing you. Is it true? Doesn't matter. If you're dedicated for whatever reason, you'll write!

Anonymous said...

You choose to write; the way you choose your particular cup of coffee! Free to be.....xoxoxoxo

Julie (Chloe's mom) said...

Pick-up line. Totally. And pretentious as hell, too. I chose to write, it didn't sneak up and hit me over the head when I wasn't looking.
PS: Did the girls bite?

Julie (Chloe's mom) said...

Pick-up line. Totally. And pretentious as hell, too. I chose to write; it didn't sneak up on me when I wasn't looking and hit me over the head.
PS: Did the girls bite?

Julie (again) said...

Sorry for the repeat. The electronic gremlins are after me, I guess.

Camille Minichino said...

The girls bit! Lots of oohs and aahs over the "calling" of a writer!
I'm on the side of I choose what I do!

Ann Parker said...

I side with those who say "pickup line." And definitely, I also see lots of folks on laptops, looking intent and serious. Never laughing. Guess they aren't looking for funny videos on YouTube while drinking those lattes! ;-)