Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pet Publications

Since I write about pets, and am obsessed with them, I take great pleasure in reading about them. I was aware of some local publications focusing on pets, containing articles but also filled with ads for all kinds of pet-related stuff like food, grooming, adoptions, whatever.

With our younger Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mystie now on a restricted diet because of her fortunately former health issues, I sent my husband to a local shelter with some food we had bought for her that she now would never eat. I wanted to be sure that the food wouldn’t go to waste, and I hoped the shelter would be able to use it for its residents. While there, he picked up some copies of additional local pet magazines, some I‘d never seen before. I’ve had a great time going through them and hope to find them other places as well. Now I’m aware of at least 3-4 different pet publications in the Los Angeles area.

Of course there are nationally distributed magazines that feature pets, and I enjoy them, too, reading them as often as possible, although I don’t always maintain subscriptions. Their pictures are often adorable, glossy photos of the featured animals, and also interesting articles. But I can’t always find things that are of specific interest to my own backyard in them.

What about in your area--have you found pet publications? What about other local publications dealing with your favorite interests?

By the way, I was also excited by a segment on The Today Show today--all about a couple who had their beloved golden lab cloned. It was expensive, and wasn’t done in this country, and I know there are plenty of reasons not to clone a pet, no matter how beloved. Even so, I was enthralled by it, especially after my own Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mystery DOUBLE DOG DARE. Oh, and the couple had other pets as well--including a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel peering at The Today Show camera from the background.



Sheila Connolly said...

Apparently during the SuperBowl there will be a commercial for a pet adoption organization. I think it was ABC Evening News that ran the 30-second ad (gratis? as part of a news story about shorter ads), which is a hoot. It should certainly get attention.

Monica Ferris said...

I understand the impulse and desire to clone a beloved animal. But if we had somehow in the late forties cloned our wonderful Bing, we would never have known the amazing and hilarious Piper; if I had cloned Lady Felicity we would never have known the warm and intelligent Wobbles or the affectionate and sometimes annoying Snaps (he threw up on the carpet last night and so is in disgrace this morning). There are thousands of dogs and cats in mortal danger this minute; don't be so self-centered that you can't imagine sharing your love with a new pet and getting some otherwise doomed animal's lifelong gratitude.

Anonymous said...

One alternative for people who cannot bear to let go of their pets: Perpetual Pet.
It's not the same as cloning I know. But this way they can have their pet and adopt a new one too. Okay I'm going to chicken out and sign this comment Anonymous because I don't want to get hate email (grin).

Kate Hathway said...

I agree completely with Monica. There are so many wonderful creatures out there to share one's life with! Now, admittedly, what most people don't realize, is that a cloned animal will only look like its predecessor - it grows up in a different environment, with different expectations, stimulae, and outcomes, so while there will be some behavioral simularities, it's not the same creature brought back to life. Most creatures from a particular breed will act in similar ways, so the expense in cloning is a selfish indulgence with no basis in most pet lovers lives.

Now, yes, it's your money to spend as you see fit, but, really, if you loved your pet, spending the money on experiencing the unique love of another animal doesn't cost that much. Using the extra to help other creatures find homes, healthcare, or habitat would be a real pet lovers' choice.

Oh, and here in NEOhio, there's a nice newspaper, The Cleveland Canine, with great info and ads for rescues/shelters and other places to help and have fun at with your dog.

Kathryn Lilley said...

Anonymous, that was just plain tacky to mention Perpetual Pets. How insensitive. I'll bet you're a writer trying to be funny. Well, ha ha.

Kate Hathway said...

Actually, I think Perpetual Pet is sort of neat. We have a lab-rottie (rottenlab) who is such a funny troublemaker, and a bit wide across the beam, if ya know what I mean. We joke (?) that when she goes, we'll have her turned into a footstool or small coffeetable, so she'll always be a part of our lives (and continue to be underfoot) and lording it over our other dogs.

Kathryn Lilley said...

That makes me feel better, Kate! Then I guess it's okay to confess that I was Anonymous (grin).

Kate Hathway said...

Well, taxidermy is a noble art...! I was always fascinated by the mounts at the Natural History Museum. When I 'met' my first live bison, the smell made the experience less appealing than the stuffed one I was so impressed with!

And I think JD and Turk's dog Rowdy (from the show Scrubs) is a perfect addition to their zany lives. (hee,hee,hee)

Kathryn Lilley said...

I wouldn't mind having a big old stuffed owl sitting on a branch. The image of wisdom comes to mind. Anyway, sorry I hijacked your comments portion today, Linda! The coffee must have kicked in. I will now return today's blog back to more serious discussion!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Well, I'm delighted that my post resulted in so many interesting comments, although I have to say that I, personally, will avoid Perpetual Pets and cloning, too. I agree, Monica, that each new pet brings something else to the household, and you wouldn't get the same personality even if you clone a pet.
I'll look forward to the ad for the pet adoption organization, Sheila. I even have my 3-D glasses already for some of the Super Bowl ads.
The Cleveland Canine sounds similar to my local publications--including fun pet-related info, Kate.
And thanks, Kathryn, for posting about such a controversial yet interesting concept such as Perpetual Pets. But I still think I'll skip it. I'd rather watch the hummingbirds, doves and occasional hawk perch on the pole or lines in my backyard.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Hey, Sheila--
I just saw the SuperBowl ad for pet adoption on the Today Show, and you're right, it is a hoot! I'm not sure whether it'll cause people to run out and adopt, but they'll certainly talk about the ad.