Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pet Safety and Barkfests

I just ordered a pet safety pack from the ASPCA. I learned about it from The Pet Place, from which I receive a newsletter almost every day--a fun newsletter that often contains links to cute YouTube posts and other sites with animal clips.

As to the pet safety pack, I’m certain that all my neighbors know I’ve got pups in the house, but the pack contains some stuff to inform emergency responders about who’s inside.

I already contribute to a number of pet and wildlife rescue organizations, and I’m sure this will put me on another ASPCA list besides the one I’m already on. That’s fine. I enjoy hearing from all the organizations, although I can’t possibly contribute to every one each time I hear from them. I have fun, though, with the return address labels, notecards, calendars and other gifts I get from them that encourage me to contribute even more--which is, of course, their point.

Do those of you who have other kinds of interests and hobbies hear often from the organizations that support your activities? What kinds of information do you receive?

Oh, and by the way, today I thumbed through a catalogue of Bonhams February dog art auction: The Dog Sale. Adorable! And potentially very expensive, some pieces with very high reserve prices. Of course I loved the items depicting King Charles Spaniels, created in a lot of different historical eras, but there were all sorts of dogs represented. Even nicer, they’re holding a Barkfest--a celebration of the dog in art--at the Bonhams Charity Brunch to benefit the AKC Humane Fund.

I’ll bark to that!



Betty Hechtman said...

I belong to a list called Crochet Partners and I'm amazed how many posts I get every day. It's a wonder they have any time left to crochet.

Linda O. Johnston said...

That sounds like fun, Betty. Maybe the others keep their fingers agile by typing!