Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yay, Crochet

I finished probably the ugliest crocheted item I’ve ever seen. I got the shawl pattern from the wrapper on a skein of yarn. The photo just showed the front - a dainty edge hung a little below each shoulder. If I’d seen the back, I never would have started it. I had figured the finished product would be a triangle. Not exactly. Not even close. The back came to a point, but it took so long to get there it looked saggy and droopy and like nothing anybody would ever want to wear.

But the shawl still served a purpose. I’ve had some bug that is going around since before Christmas. It wasn’t your usual head cold or stomach flu. Whatever it was, it would come and go and come back with an upset stomach and a feeling I can only describe as being claustrophobic in my body. The only thing that helped was crocheting. I had a feeling the shawl was going to turn out badly long before I finished, but the repetition of the stitches was so soothing, I kept on. I usually don’t watch much television, but I was glued to the set. All through sit coms I crocheted. Through reruns of Sex and the City, and movies - The African Queen and You Can’t Take It With You, I did row after row.

No problem of eating too many holiday goodies for me. I either didn’t want to eat anything or I ate rice. I did discover that I really love tea.

And all is not lost with the shawl. Now that I am finally beginning to feel better, I realize if I rip it back, I can make it into a nice little shoulder wrap. So in the end, I’ll actually end up with something positive from my sick time.


Camille Minichino said...

Good for you, sticking with that "shawl!"

I can't tell you how many times I've put a lot of effort into a crafts piece only to dump it -- too crooked, ugly colors, glue showing ... all kinds of fatalities!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Now, that's starting the new year on a positive note despite adversity. Way to go, Betty!

Betty Hechtman said...

Camille, it's reassuring to hear that other people end up with craft disasters.

Linda, I am definitely ready for a positive new year!