Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blogging About Blogging

I’m delighted to say that I have been selected to blog on Romance Novel TV next Monday as part of a special celebration of Silhouette Nocturnes and Nocturne Bites. I’ll have a blog posted as of 2:00 PM Eastern time and hang around to answer comments for a few hours after that. I’m in excellent company, since the senior editor of the line, Tara Gavin, will be blogging first thing that morning, and two other excellent Nocturne writers, Michele Hauf and Maureen Childs, will also post that day. The celebration lasts for two more days as well.

I’ll be posting about: Three things I Learned About Myself Writing Paranormal Romance. Ideas are swimming around in my head but I haven’t started writing yet. Maybe I’ll mention my favorite saying: “Reality is only for those who lack imagination.” Maybe I’ll mention the lure of full moons. Haven’t decided yet, but it’ll be fun to write.

Do you have any thoughts about how you would respond to this topic?

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Janie Emaus said...

Hi Linda,
I think you should blog about how paranormal comes so easily to you because of your own time traveling adventures!

I can't wait to hear your answers.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I don't always talk about my own experiences, Janie! In some ways, we all travel in time, at least in our wishes and imaginations. And I can't wait to hear what my subconscious does to come up with my answers, too.

Betty Hechtman said...

You have time travel adventures, Linda? I certainly would like to hear about those.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Well, actually, they're fictional, Betty. My first published novels were time travel romances. It's fun to write contemporary and historical stuff in the same story. And of course one of my favorites, Once a Cavalier, used Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as the means for the characters to travel in time--to the Restoration era of King Charles II, who made the small spaniels famous.