Monday, March 9, 2009

Going Green

This is the month for GREEN, isn’t it? My daffodils pushed their heads about six inches above the old mulch. My bluebells stand tall at three inches. The grass is turning emerald. All the stores have stocked their St. Patty’s Day trinkets. And we’re green here at the Slan household, too. Last weekend, on my way to teach a class, I shoved all the whites into the washer. (Confession: I was sick of looking at them!) As I hoisted my bag of handouts and reference materials over my shoulder, I heard a yell (Okay: A curse word or two!) from the laundry room. My husband was ankle-deep in water. He was grabbing towels and trying to sop up the flood. (Gee, that’s the first time he’s EVER mopped the floor. ) As he swabbed the deck, he shouted that the water was dripping through the floor and had ruined the ceiling in the basement.

This, he was sure, was the result of…overloading. And he gave me the EVIL EYE.

Then he hit his head on the cabinet above the washer. Twice. (Yeah, he can be a slow learner.)

I left for my class.

On Monday the repair guy came. Ha-ha-ha! I had not “done in” our washing machine. Nope, that 14-year-old Maytag had burst a seal. We could pay for repairs, but a new machine would be cheaper—and more ecologically sound. (No, I didn’t bribe the repairman, but…I could have kissed him! Vindication is a joyful thing, ain’t it?)

How much greener did we go? The old washer used an average of 42 gallons per load and the new one uses…STAND BACK…an average of 15 gallons. David and I are in shock.

In fact, we’re tickled green.


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