Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A trip to Crafts Camp

Over the weekend I took my knitting to a local bookstore. I worked on a piece in between customers at my sit-and-sign. I made a few miniature afghans to go with scenes for various charity auctions that are coming up.

It wasn't only because I use every spare minute these days to work on minis or to meet a few dozen other deadlines; I was knitting also to attract attention to my book table.

It worked. People are drawn to crafts, whether it's knitting, scrapbooking, quilting, or any of the other crafts that take needles, yarn, glue, paper, thread ... Even guys are curious when they see someone making something. I always have a scene on the table also, so they can see a finished product. And I always have spare supplies in case I can coax someone into giving it a try.

The great thing about miniatures as a hobby is that it involves so many other crafts, from carpentry to sewing to needlework. If you're a purist you can paint pictures for dollhouse walls, stencil the kitchen cabinets, or work up tiny beaded jewelry.

The miniature community is also multi-talented. I'm a member of a yahoo group called THE CAMP (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/THECAMP/ ) where you can present a problem with a power tool or give a tip on making tiny rose petals. Or just meet other miniaturists.

As soon as it's official, I'll tell you how they named my next book!

Like most crafts, miniatures brings people together.

Of course, in our books, crafts can also kill you. It's the chance you take.

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Anonymous said...

the killing is fictional; the crafts are for real and reach many people, relieve tensions, give new ideas, etc., etc., no miniature feat and sometimes leading to a greater fete! xoxoxoxo