Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yay for Today

It’s almost my birthday which makes me think about celebrating. When I was writing scripts and video proposals, I discovered I never knew when to celebrate because it seemed like everything was always maybe, which at any time could turn into no. So, I decided to celebrate everything and anything.

For example, my reasons to celebrate today are: I got a nice email from a librarian at a branch of the Los Angeles Public Library telling me that my books are a big hit at the library and inviting me to give a talk; it’s beautiful outside and the orange trees in my backyard are all in blossom filling the air with a sweet floral scent; I’m almost finished doing the taxes stuff; and like I mentioned it’s almost my birthday.

I can find a reason to celebrate almost everyday. If someone almost smashes into me as they make a left turn, after referring to them as a jerk a few times and once my heartbeat returns to normal, I’m ready to celebrate the fact that an accident didn’t happen. All I have to do is think about how much that would have messed up my day and probably many to follow, and I know it’s going to be a great day.

Any smidgen of good news or possibilities will make me want to celebrate, too. I made an occasion out of being close to finishing the fourth crochet mystery, which might be called A Twisted Yarn. And when it was truly done and on it’s way back east, I celebrated again.

My celebrations aren’t necessarily big. It could just be sitting in my backyard, drinking a cup of coffee and thinking happy thoughts. Or it could be going somewhere special or going anywhere, for that matter. I’m a cheap date and enjoy a fast food veggie burger or a walk in the mountains to watch the sun set. Or even a bag of Trader Joe’s microwave popcorn and an episode of Monk counts as an event for me.

I suppose someone could say that if so much is special doesn’t it dilute the meaning. It doesn’t. You can’t dilute joy. It only comes in one strength - full.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Great post, Betty! Let's see--I'll celebrate right now that the large rock hit my windshield on the passenger's side, so, despite the up-and-down crack, I can still drive my car till I get it fixed (soon!). And I'll celebrate that my pup Mystie is on my lap while I write this, and Lexie is snoring at my feet. And I'll mostly celebrate that my Silhouette Nocturne manuscript is on schedule to reach my editor by my April 1 deadline!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, lucky you that rock only cracked your windshield. Certainly a reason to celebrate. Mystie sounds adorable as do Lexie's little dog snores. I often have a cat on my shoulders as I write. And you should definitely celebrate that your Noctrune is on schedule.

Terri Thayer said...

Nice, Betty. Especially in this economy, we have to find ways to celebrate small. I'm celebrating that the audience at my talk today laughed in the right places. That, and a paycheck. What a day!

Betty Hechtman said...

Laughs and cash, Terri -- what a great combo.