Friday, April 10, 2009

RWC Retreat

The airplane arrived from Chicago. The passengers came into the terminal at LAX. I could almost hear them sigh with pleasure as they looked at the blue sky and warm sunlight streaming through the windows.

I got on the same plane and it flew right back to Chicago. It was cold, dark and late when I arrived, but I sighed with pleasure all the same. I guess it is just the appeal to being somewhere else.

I was supposed to have company while I was here, but there was a change in plans and I have a week alone. I have turned this time into my own personal retreat - just reading, writing and crocheting with some walks thrown in and well, a little cleaning, too. The company is showing up later.

So what am I reading? Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii by Lee Goldberg. I picked it up last month at Left Coast Crime in Kona. Lee was the toastmaster of the event and when he signed my book I found out he was also a former Tarzanian. It’s a fun read and even though it takes place in Kauai and I was on the big island, it still reminds me of my trip. When I finish, I have seven rooms with overflowing bookcases full of choices.

I didn’t bring clothes, just a suitcase full of yarn. The one thing not conveniently located around here is a yarn store or a Michael’s or Joann’s. I always bring yarn, crochet tools, and crochet books to leave here, which means I have now yarn stashes in two locations. Anyone who knits or crochets will get the importance of that.

I plan to make several of the pouch purses featured in the fourth crochet mystery, which I think might be called A Twisted Yarn. I also want to play. I’m always in a hurry and product oriented. I wanted to try stitches and combinations of them for an idea I have for the project in book number 5.

And the writing. Well, there’s book number 5 and something else I’m working on, too. Along with all the yarn, I brought some yellow legal pads. I like to start with them. For some reason I never have blank page anxiety when I handwrite, the way I do when I look at a blank screen with a winking cursor.

To finish off the retreat, I have lots of coffee and loads of local good food. Am I in heaven, or what?

What is your dream getaway?


Monica Ferris said...

My dream vacation? Being somewhere new, seeing things I've heard about but never seen in person. And being there long enough to have time to just sit and look, maybe write a few postcards, or even read a book or work on some stitching without feeling I'm wasting my precious tourist time. If there could be an ocean in there somewhere, all the better.

Sheila Connolly said...

A cottage in Ireland--with wifi. A handy pub within walking distance, where I can go and listen to interesting conversations. Yes, there's an ocean not far away. And the food's a whole lot better than it used to be!

Terri Thayer said...

I'm jealous of your packing. I about to pack for a combination of work dress/clothes and regular stuff and feel like I'll need a Sherpa to help me to the airport. Plus books to read and yarn to crochet, I'm not a light traveler.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I always love going on cruises, but after 3 last year I don't have any scheduled for this year. I always manage to get some writing or editing done on them in between events on the ship and sightseeing. Maybe next year.
Enjoy Chicago, and wave at my son and d-i-l!

Betty Hechtman said...

Monica, your trip sounds good to me.

Sheila, I've never been to Ireland, but would love to go there and see their handiwork. Irish crochet is amazing.

Terri, I know where you're coming from. It is hard when you have to plan for different sorts of events.

Linda, I've never been on a cruise except to Catalina which doesn't really count. I do want to go on one. One of these days....