Thursday, April 9, 2009


Most of my days involve animals--my Lexie and Mystie, at least, and usually some I’m writing about in my Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mystery series, and Silhouette Nocturnes featuring shapeshifters or K-9 cops with Valkyrie powers.

Earlier this week, I had a day where one animal-related situation seemed to follow another, and I certainly didn’t plan it that way. Sounded like synchronicity to me!

The first event I did plan, though. I’d been intending for a while to introduce myself to a local attorney who specializes in animal law, brainstorm with him about ideas for Kendra stories, and ask if I could use him as a resource for animal law questions. He was a delightful man, and tried coming up with ideas on the spot!

In addition, he told me about a meeting that night at the Los Angeles County Bar Association where the speakers had been involved with a lawsuit against the local county’s animal rescue organization, and were speaking about it--with the added benefit of Continuing Legal Education credits. Of course I had to go... and was outraged by the alleged violations of law they described, as well as failure to fully abide by the settlement that had been reached--violations that resulted in abuse or premature euthanasia of animals. I introduced myself to some of the people there and believe they, too, might become excellent research resources.

And then when I returned home, a good friend whose dog had died some years ago had called for some pet advice. She and her husband found a Yorkie wandering their gated community in the Las Vegas area and wanted my opinion on how to deal with the situation. The way she described it, they’d been handling it just fine--posting signs, allowing the dog to sleep in their home that night (and thereby avoiding coyotes) and calling the phone number on the pup’s tag. The number was for a shelter, and by the time they’d found the dog no one was answering the shelter’s phone, but they’d planned to follow up the next day. Sure enough, after some effort the next day, they did locate the owners--who seemed awfully blasé about losing their dog for two days, as I understand it. At least it had a happy ending... maybe. It’ll be a lot happier if the owners pay attention to the pup and don’t leave it alone in a yard it can clearly escape from.

Anyway, lots of interesting stuff about people who defended and nurtured animals, occurring, or at least starting, all in one day. With all this synchronicity, you’d think I should write a mystery series featuring a pet rescuer...!

What synchronicity has been going on in your life?



Betty Hechtman said...

I didn't know there were lawyers who specialized in animal law. How interesting. It must have been hard to go to that meeting if they talked about animal abuse. I can't even watch animal movies with happy endings without crying.

Janie Emaus said...

I found a dog a few weeks ago that had escaped from its owner and I too, wonder what type of person he was to let his dog get out and not care about it.
Some people are just not meant to have pets.
All your signs seem to pointing in the direction of a pet rescue series..hmmm...I think it's a great idea!

Linda O. Johnston said...

I've only met a couple of animal law specialists, Betty, although other attorneys also take on cases that involve animals. And I get all emotional about animal stories, too.

You're right, Janie. I don't know why people take on pets without taking care of them as if they're members of the family--which they are. And stay tuned about the pet rescue idea!