Saturday, June 27, 2009

Me Organized?

This isn't the best time for me to be writing about organization. I can hear my husband laughing about the idea. I can't say I blame him. He's wearing a kelly green muscle shirt and red floppy basketball shorts - a sure sign he's at the end of the clean clothes. Luckily, he has a home office.

This past week I've been doing the revisions for A Stitch in Crime and laundry, dinner, even crocheting have all been put on hold. My single focus has been on my manuscript. Well, I did go to the gym almost every day. As far as I'm concerned exercise is a necessity. I think anyone around me would agree. If I don't go for a few days, I get cranky. And I sent in bills that were due.

I always have the intention of being organized. I think about stopping working and then straightening everything up, so it will be ready for the next day. Except I work until I'm bleary eyed, which means I'm also too tired to do all that straightening. And I have a high tolerance for messy papers.

I'm a big nap person, and I'll just push aside all the books, magazines, crorhet stuff and whatever else is on the couch with me and curl around all of it. Maybe getting organized is hopeless for me.

The end of the revision is in sight. Even with the time crunch, it has been intereting since it is my first time using the track markup or whatever its called. I expected to have problems with it, but I ended up liking it. There was another bonus. I have been using WorkPerfect since my firt computer in the 80s and heard that Word was icky. But I had to use Word for the revision. I discovered I like Word and think I might switch to it. I said the end was in sight for the revision, but it's not done so....back to work.


Linda O. Johnston said...

I started out using Word Perfect, too, Betty, because my employer at my law job used it. When they switched to Word, so did I, even though I still thought Word Perfect was better. Word has been improved over the years, and I doubt I'd do well in Word Perfect any longer.
Glad the end is in sight on your revisions for A Stitch in Crime. It's great that you stay so focused. Organization can wait!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, I didn't consider that Word had improved over time. I'm sure you're right.

Yes, organzation, laundry etc can wait.

novri said...

hi..betty..i like your blog,especially this the way did you design your blog by your self..? well done betty..

Monica Ferris said...

Perhaps unfortunately, I agree with Linda, "Organzation can wait!" It just automatically falls to the bottom of my list of things I have to do, and it's only when everything else is done that I'll tackle the towering stack of paper on my desk.

Betty Hechtman said...

Novri, I'm glad you like the blog, but I can't take credit for the way it looks. My blog sisters are responsible for that.

Monica, Im with you - organziation can wait.