Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This cradle won't rock

Since we've been talking about making gifts and how-to's, I thought I'd share a little present I gave to my niece and her husband, who are expecting their first child in August.

This cradle won't rock because it's glued to the carpet. Otherwise, things look pretty realistic, I hope.

Wouldn't you know I forgot to put a ruler in the scene, so I'll have to tell you, the cradle is about two and a half inches long. The container of baby powder in the cradle is less than a half inch.

I added a ball (a balloon from a cake decorating set) and a small piece of red plastic that I hope looks like a rattle or other toy. {This was probably the least expensive scene I've ever created!}

Their nursery colors are lavender and green, so I knitted a small blanket in lavender and have complementary colors in the scene. I wanted to cover both kinds of toy, thus the racing car and the doll. I included a picture of the parents-to-be, and a few books. Mom is an analyst and Dad is a metal worker, both artistic and practical. Mom majored in math; Dad builds custom bicycles. Thus the choice of books.

My favorite moment: when Dad saw the bike book and said, "I didn't know about this book. I'll have to check it out." The book, of course, is just a cover downloaded, shrunk to scale, and glued to a piece of foam. I guess it looks realistic!

Oops, how did that periodic table get in there??

Apprently, to me, making a gift personal includes a little something that represents the giver!

How do you "label" your crafts gifts? Do you sign them? Do you have a little symbol or icon that you put on each one? Something "hidden" that will make it extremely valuable someday??


Anonymous said...

How lovely.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Betty Hechtman said...

What a great gift!

I ordered some labels that say something like made by Betty Hechtman to sew into crochet things I make. But I haven't used them yet as I realized they would show too much on a scarf or shawl. Maybe I'll try something like putting my initials in yarn in a corner somewhere.

Camille Minichino said...

I like the idea of the initials, Betty.
A friend stitches her name on the quilts she makes.

Terri Thayer said...

There's blood on my first quilt, does that count?

Happy Birthday, Camille and lucky, lucky parents.

Camille Minichino said...

Thanks, Terri! Where have these X number of years gone??

LOVE the blood comment!

Ann Parker said...

Just have to say I love that doll! I'm trying to imagine how small it is ... 1/4 inch or something?
Nicely done, Camille!

Anonymous said...

That cradel DOES rock! xoxo