Friday, July 3, 2009

False Impressions

I'm in the midst of writing the third book in the Stamping Sisters series. I'm calling it False Impressions. That's a title I've floated for each one of these books. The publisher disagreed. As they say, if at first you don't succeed...

I'm having a great time revisiting these characters and their lives in Pennsylvania. The story takes place in January, during cold, wet horrible weather. Ice and snow and freezing temperatures are all helping to thwart poor April and her band of stampers. I'm enjoying remembering how miserable winter can be, especially from here, summer in the Bay Area.

I've just returned from Seattle, where the talk is all about the weather. It was a beautiful couple of days with sunshine and moderate temperatures. They're in an unusual summer pattern of no rain. And the natives are loving it. Seattle sparkles in the sun. Because Seattle is so far north, daylight lasts for about 18 hours. Light flooded into my east-facing window about 4:40 each morning. I was up late every night because twilight was still going on at my usual bed time.

The weather affects us, no doubt. I'm energized by the sun, brought down by the rain, and feel the need to hibernate in the winter.

In False Impressions, I'm making my characters’ lives difficult with nasty weather. Noses run, cars don’t. Fingers ache and are useless. Icy steps are treacherous. Weather. It’s not the only way to throw obstacles in front of our protagonist, but it is one way.

Watch out for falling icicles and tell me how the characters in your favorite book suffer.


Julie said...

I'm working on some books set in Las Vegas, and reliving all my memories of living there. Yeah, it's hot, but I really loved it. You just have to know to cope. Take water with you and keep drinking, use an umbrella for shade, don't expect to power-walk at noon. I'm sending one character out on horseback into the desert, and letting her cope.

Betty Hechtman said...

I don't know about characters suffering, but when I go back east in the winter, what I find the hardest is going in and out of stores and on the train wearing a winter coat.

Anonymous said...

You're so checking my YA when it's done to see if I get the weather even close!