Sunday, August 9, 2009

Better Five Fires Than One Move

That’s an old Chinese proverb. And you know, the Chinese were onto something. I’m sitting here staring at the detritus of my life/my world as a crafter and I think I’m going to be sick.

Yesterday, I spent two hours sorting through—hang on—eyelets, brads and hooha’s. Yep, I have three craft supply cases full of tiny embellishments and fasteners. Unfortunately many months ago, one of them tipped over and all my bits and bobs went everywhere. In order to get the cases shut, and to pare down my belongings, I had to sift through them. My back cramped after hours of picking through itsy-bitsy but PRICELESS stuff. (I emphasize the word PRICELESS because I simply must believe these are invaluable. Otherwise, I would have thrown my hands up and said, “Fugget about it! I’ll buy more!)

Today I will sort papers. After I go through my stacks of paperwork, that is. Who knows what promises I’ve made that I’ve let slide on through disorganization.

The hardest part? I want to stop and craft. Seriously. I keep thinking, “Just let me work for a while on this…or that…and then, I’ll get back to it.”


I keep telling myself that I will emerge from this purge a leaner, meaner crafting machiner. That never again will I feel swamped and out of control.

Honestly, who am I kidding?

Oh-kaaayy. Back to the boxes.

But first, a decision: What has to stay out? What can’t I do without? What has to be packed last and unpacked first? Hmmm? Gee, that could keep me dithering all week!


Terri Thayer said...

Moving forces you to make those tough decisions, doesn't it? I've been purging a lot lately. Having some place to send it to helps. Our guild will take most anything and re-sell it. I always picture someone treasuring my cast-offs. That helps to move it along.

How wonderfully organized you'll be when you get to your new place. And then you can craft to your heart's content!

Monica Ferris said...

Sometimes, when my writing gets to a sticking point, I will give myself an option: Clean house or continue working. There are times -- not many, I'll admit -- when the house looks pretty good. But organizing my working space always gets done last. Sometimes what looks like a mess really isn't. I know where everything is; it's in here . . . somewhere.

Betty Hechtman said...

I keep trying to pretend I'm moving as a way to get rid of stuff. But I keep remembering it isn't really true and figure there is always tomorrow to sort through things.

Audrey said...

I just had a studio built and I love it. It is small but cozy. Of course now that I have moved everything in I have no idea where I put everything.
I make cards and have a card and gift shop here in Mexico so if you decide you don't NEED anything feel free to ship stuff to me!he he he. They don't even sell stamping supplies here. How obsurd is that?
I love reading about all of you on the Killer Hobbies site.