Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mini pieces on the head of a pin

Theme of the week: how to deal with your crafts supplies when you move?
It gives me a headache.

I have a hard enough time just when I'm expecting company. My crafts area is part of our kitchen/family room: one picnic table and a set of shelves. Oh, yes, and the floor underneath them. Oh, yes, again, and a little spillover into the kitchen.

As with most of us crafters, my finished products are out the door as soon as they're done. They're not the problem. Supplies are the problem.

Like the number of angels on the head of a pin, the number of miniature pieces in my crafts corner exceeds 10 digits. I don't have too much trouble keeping all the food items in the same drawer, for example, but where did I put that miniature mouse, abouthalf the size of my smallest fingernail? And I know I have a one-quarter-inch toothbrush somewhere. But where?

If anyone under 10 (or a badly behaved teen!) is expected, I hide everything, or at least move it out their reach. I dump by categories, more or less, and stash things in boxes in a bedroom. I tell myself that when I put it all back, I'll organize it better.

Not. The photos show you the truth. One photo is of a finished scene, set up to be photographed. Neat, huh? The other is of the messy worktable it was plucked from.

I try to use the same trick Betty mentioned yesterday, commenting on Joanna's blog: I ask myself, what if I were moving? would I keep this?
But of course I'm not moving so I'll keep it until I do. I'd probably toss/give away 80% of what I have, if I were moving. But, for now, it all stays.


Karin Corbin said...

Rethinking and making changes to your lifestyle to get what you really want makes a big difference.

I noticed that each time I sold a house and went looking for another my first priority was workshop space. Eventually I realized I did not care about having a house or yard. All I wanted was space to work, a place to sleep, bathe and enough of a kitchen to fix a meal. So now I have 900 square feet of space to work and store miniatures. I bunk and cook at a friends in the same building but that is not where I spend time other than sleeping. My backyard is now a lovely little public beach just steps from the workshop with vistas of salt water and mountains. I don't miss the housework or yard work. I don't miss all the bills either.

Monica Ferris said...

Congratulations to Karin for finally figuring it out.

Camille Minichino said...

That does sound wonderful, Karen.

I guess I'm not focused enough on one thing to make that happen. I do admire that.

Terri Thayer said...

Having people visit is the kiss of death for any project I'm working on. That's when I put it "away" and often don't remember to get it back out again.

Of course, there's always the surprise element when I run across it several months later. Like it's new all over again.