Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway

Project Runway is back, now on Lifetime instead of Bravo, and I spent way too much time last night watching it. 3 hours! I did wait out the first hour and then watch it played back on the DVR, which meant I kept it down to about  two hours, and better yet, never had to watch a commercial. Good thing, too, because the few I caught seemed to be about feminine hygiene products and movies that feature women in jeopardy, women in peril, and women with smelly body parts. Poor Lifetime women. They've got it rough.

The show now takes place in L.A. So it's always sunny. We know it's not always nice in Southern California, what with the epic rains, earthquakes and fires,  but it is far more sunny than New York. And sun changes everything.

New Yorkers have a reputation for being hard-boiled, cynical, even a little rude. Okay, a lot rude. I've found that not to be true. And folks in L.A., I'm sure, can curse out the parking valet and hair stylists when needed. But you have to be tough to live in New York. City life is never easy and then to add rain, snow, hail and summer humidity on top of irate cabbies, crowded sidewalks and tourists, is adding insult to injury.

Things are a little easier when it's sunny out. When the temperatures are moderate and don't interfere with daily living much. When you can pump gas without freezing your toes off. Or go for a walk to relieve some of the stress without a bumbershoot and several layers of rain gear. Or go somewhere and watch a surfer catch a wave and ride it to shore.

Heidi told the contestants last night, "It's a beautiful night. Too bad you won't get to enjoy it." Maybe they won't be able to partake in L.A.'s lovely weather. Perhaps they'll be cooped up inside.

But I bet they can see a palm tree from there. It's hard not to relax with a palm tree swaying in front of you. 


Monica Ferris said...

I agree about the palm tree. They are such unlikely objects! If, like me, you didn't grow up with them in the neighborhood, it's kind of a shock to see the first one in real life. And they are the very symbol of an idyllic life in the tropics.

Anonymous said...

Give me a redwood any day. :)

Betty Hechtman said...

I have palm trees and redwoods. One of the palms is very tall and when the wind blows it drops fronds on the roof with a thud. It totally creeps me out when we get it trimmed and some guy climbs up it and it sways from side to side as he does. So, I don't think of palms as being peaceful.

The redwood trees are in the backyard and are very tall, though short by redwood standards. They completely block our view of the neighbors and make it look like the beginning of a forest.