Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pet Weather

It never rains in Southern California. Remember that old song? Of course, it’s wrong. It was raining here for a couple of days. We’re fortunate enough not to live in the areas that burned recently, so we weren’t in danger of any mountainsides sliding down on us.

But Lexie and Mystie weren’t especially happy pups.

At least half a dozen times a day, Mystie interrupts my work at the computer by levitating onto my lap and hugging my face till I let her out in the backyard for a romp. She even knows the word “romp.” And “r-o-m-p.”

But our backyard is still a mud pit at the moment. That means the dogs get to go outside into the paved dog run at the side of our house.

Lexie gets it. She even knows to go to the top of the steps and bark to let me know she wants to go out. The door to the dog run is downstairs.

Mystie, though, is clearly disappointed that she can’t go into the backyard and chase cats, birds, leaves and sunbeams. Of course there aren’t any sunbeams and shadows in this weather, either.

So... in what weather is your pet happiest?


Terri Thayer said...

That was a crazy storm up here, too. And we had several small earthquakes too. Ones that I haven't felt, but the cat does. I'm not sure Bernie's tail will ever loosen up. She's been pretty freaked out.

I'm babysitting two kitties this week. I imagine their owner will have to pay double for leaving them through weather like this!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Poor Bernie! And poor you, Terri, going through storms and earthquakes (even small ones) and kitty-sitting in bad weather!

Julie said...

My cats Jack and Chloe love any weather that's mild enough for me to open the door to the screened back porch. They can bask in the sun, perch on the ledge and watch squirrels, chipmunks, birds and whatever other nature goes on in the huge back yard. It's like kitty HBO. It's cold, gray and dreary today, so Jack is sleeping half-buried in a fleece throw while Chloe is on the back of the couch watching the bird feeder in the living room. Not as good as the porch, but better than nothing. Hope Mystie can romp again soon.

Linda O. Johnston said...

A screened porch sounds like a great idea, Julie! On the other hand, Mystie dashes from one end of our yard to the other several times before she settles down to point at shadows, so I doubt she'd be satisfied with it. Lexie would love it, though! I hope Jack and Chloe enjoy their lazy, gray day.

Janie Emaus said...

I'll speak for my mom's dog. He doesn't like the rain at all. In fact, she has to coax him outside.

But I love the rain.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm fine with the rain, too, Janie. Although I grew up with umbrellas, I try not to dig them out much in L.A.!