Thursday, October 8, 2009


Why I was late blogging today:

I lost touch with the day of the week because of a change in routine--a visit from a dear friend, her husband and grandson.

I blogged earlier this week for A Slice of Orange, the blog of the Orange County Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. My topic was the really fun West Hollywood Book Fair I attended on Sunday. To read more about that, here’s the link:
My entry is the second on the page now.

I was plotting some romantic suspense ideas plus the first in my upcoming pet rescue mystery series, plus my thriller, plus.... You get it.

I’m on Pacific time.

Okay, the real answer is that I didn’t think about it till I’d shut my computer down for the night last night--even though I usually post before I head to bed.

So... sorry I’m late!

What do you do to ensure you blog when you’re supposed to... or do you?

BTW, I’ve been having fun spotting my latest release in bookstores. It’s harder to find than most, since it’s an anthology called AWAKENING THE BEAST, in which my Nocturne Bites “Claws of the Lynx” appears along with other Bites. Sometimes it’s shelved according to the last name of the first listed author, Lisa Renee Jones--so it’s at least under J which is also for Johnston. And other times, it’s stacked on dumps along with another new Nocturne Bites anthology!


Betty Hechtman said...

It's amazing how a change in your routine, like a visit from someone or a trip, can make you lose track of time.

Anyway, you still got your blog in on Thursday.

Linda O. Johnston said...

True, Betty. But I'm not happy when I'm late--at least if I can theoretically prevent it!

Terri Thayer said...

I've been having trouble all week knowing what day it is. But it must be my turn to blog because Linda's is up.

That's why it's okay to be late, but never, ever skip!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

I love Pam and Jim. They are such a cute, sweet couple. He's what I enjoy in a leading man--goodlooking with a sense of humor that shines through.