Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quiet Holiday

This is the first Thanksgiving I can remember being so quiet. We’ve usually had both of our sons around, or at least one. But our older son is now married and lives in Chicago. He and his wife will be visiting us in December (yay!) but not for Thanksgiving this year. Our younger son is traveling out of the country. So, it’s just my husband and me as far as family goes. And the dogs, of course, but they don’t get to join in the turkey dinner fun with us--just puppy snacks.

We enjoy celebrating with other people, though, so we’ve invited our next door neighbor, who had been considering plans out of town but decided to join us instead. He’s more of a gourmet cook than I and he’s bringing some stuff. I’ll stick to basics.

I’m going to be the first Killer Hobbyist to break with this week’s traditions. No recipe from me--sorry! As I said, I stick with basics, especially with so few to cook for, so I’m not pulling out my old favorite formulas, even to pass them along.

Anyone else having as quiet a holiday as I am? I wish you all a very happy one!


Betty Hechtman said...

We're having dinner with my son, his fiance and her parents at Duke's restaurant in Malibu. Not exactly over the river and through the woods - more like hoping to see some dolphins.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sounds delightful, Betty. I love dolphins! Enjoy your dinner.

Linda O. Johnston said...
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Camille Minichino said...

Sounds like more time for reflection, Linda ...not a bad thing!
Have a great day everyone!

Terri Thayer said...

It's a quiet one for me, too. My son will be here in a couple of weeks to celebrate the holidays. I'm headed over to friends. No cooking at all.

But I'll be back tomorrow with my favorite leftover turkey receipe.

Janie Emaus said...

We're having about 14 people. But I'm with you, Linda. I don't cook. I'm in charge of setting the table!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm cooking, but very simply. Turkey is in the oven right now.

Definitely reflecting, Camille--over an e-mail our younger son sent requesting some research here at home. The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is on in the background and the National Dog Show will be on soon, too. Maybe I'll even get some writing in before our neighbor arrives.

Looking forward to your leftover turkey recipe, Terri. I'm sure we'll have a lot.

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Janie. I'll bet that table you set will look great!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Linda, I made the cranberry squares that Camille's cousin makes--oh, my gosh. They were a total hit. I highly suggest grabbing a bag of cranberries and making them!