Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November in Review

Today's blog: featuring selected photos from November, when it's finally livably cool in the Bay Area!

Every year I enlist a crew to help me build and furnish a dollhouse to donate to a local school raffle. Here's this year's offering: a Victorian. What I like best: the little windows actually go up and down. Also, the front door is very interesting and appealing.

You may already be aware of Barnes & Noble's book fairs -- nonprofits can apply to hold a bookfair during which a percentage of all sales go to the organization. In my case, it's the California Writers Club, Mt. Diablo Branch, and the money goes to support our branch's Young Writers Contest. The contest is for middle school children who take a workshop and then write pieces that qualify for cash prizes and a banquet in their honor.
If you'd like to help, you can go to the URL below and print out the voucher. Use it for any sales this week, at ANY B&N in the country -- you pay the same as you would as usual, but we get the percent if you hand over the voucher at the register. It's good till Friday, 12/4.

Below (besides me) are Barbara Bentley ("A Dance with the Devil," best selling true crime) and Lynn Goodwin ("You Want Me to Do What?" a book on journaling for caregivers) at our table. You can also check out our volunteer gift wrappers, writers Bill Stong and Fran Wojnar. Photos thanks to Barbara.

OR, you might want to think of contacting them and setting up your own bookfair, for a school or nonprofit.

No, not that kind. I had a card-MAKING party at my house on a Sunday in November. Our instructor is an expert in stamping and in all things like brads, ribbons, punches, and glitter. We had a great time, putting together 12 cards each in 3 hours. It doesn't sound like a lot, but for beginners like me, it was a whirlwind afternoon!

Nothing better than classes. Besides the ones I taught in November, I took two: a workshop on plotting the novel, with Janis Cook Newman, and one on magazine writing with Elizabeth Fishel and a panel of magazine writers. Both useful and motivating!

Lots of book events in November, including this one at the Livermore Public Library, with Ann Parker, Sophie Littlefield, and Juliet Blackwell.

On to December and more fun! What are you looking forward to?

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Betty Hechtman said...

I loved the photos. The doll house is fabulous. How cool that the windows go up and down.

The card making looked like lots of fun. The book events, too.