Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pet Gifts

Instead of blogging about handmade gifts last week, which was our primary topic, I sort of addressed this week’s topic: what other gifts to give.

But I didn’t delve much into what to get for our pets.

I’ve been looking for a new “blue ball” for Mystie. She knows that term. Her favorite game is to get us to throw or kick small rubber balls, ones that squeak when she squishes them in her mouth. She has three, but her favorite is “blue ball” --and its rubber is starting to crack. It’s in the pattern of a soccer ball, and I can find them in white but haven’t found another blue one to replace the original. They used to say dogs are color blind, but the last I heard was a theory that they had some limited ability to see colors. It probably doesn’t matter. Whatever color it turns out to be, she’ll know it’s not the same treasured “blue ball.”

Lexie’s a little easier to buy for. When she plays, it’s with nylon bones, so I’ll get her some new ones to chew on and tease Mystie with.

We haven’t started dressing our dogs in clothes or costumes, but there are a lot of cute outfits out there, especially this time of year. I saw a lot of dressed-up pups yesterday when we went to The Grove shopping center in L.A., right next to the Farmers Market. I was surprised to see the number of dogs there, in fact, until I stopped to pet a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (I can’t resist hugging Cavaliers) and the owner told me that it was the last day to have your dog’s picture taken with Santa Claus! The line to see Santa was long--filled with both kids and dogs. We missed out, but we’ll get our photos of the dogs with family.

Do you get gifts for your pets over the holidays? What kinds?


Sheila Connolly said...

Since our new kittens will make a toy out of anything (they have a peculiar affection for make-up sponges and salt shakers), it's not really necessary to buy anything for them. But of course we do. They can reduce a stuffed mousie to shreds in a minute. They also like the irregular balls that bounce unpredictably--when they can get a human to throw them.

Betty Hechtman said...

I can just imagine the dressed up dogs at The Grove.

I want to crochet a coat for my dog. Last year it was so cold, I wanted to buy some kind of sweater for her, but the selection wasn't very good, though I did get her a yellow rain coat (which was on sale and really cheap). I think all the dog attire they sell is more about style than warmth.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I like the idea of a crocheted coat, Betty. I'll bet you could design one that's about style AND warmth!

Janie Emaus said...

We bought my parents' dog a snuggie and made him wear it all last night during our Hanukah party. I'm not sure, though, if he liked it.

Kate Hathway said...

Linda, I'm pretty sure that a few studies have shown that blue is one of the colors dogs can see. You'd think maybe red, for blood, but that's what their noses are for. Not sure where I read about them seeing blue, but I know I did.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm still learning to use our new settings, so I apologize for not getting all comments posted sooner.

How cute, Sheila! I'd love to see those kittens play.

I'd also love to see your parents' dog in his snuggie, Janie.

And, yes, Kate, I think you're right about the colors dogs are now said to see. It's not the entire spectrum that humans can see, but blue may be among them. I'll probably get Mystie a gold ball, since I've found another colored one that's close to what she's got, and see how she behaves with it.