Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I'm in the middle of the copyedits of False Impressions, the third in the stamping series. I'm anxious to get them finished before the end of the year. Three hours to go here on the Left Coast. I might make it.

You won't find a list of resolutions here. I'm not really big on them. This year, like most, I've had many new beginnings. And endings, of course. I try to remember each day is a chance to do things differently. No need to wait til the end of the calendar year.

Besides, I'm okay just the way I am. You probably are, too. Do I need to write more and eat fewer carbs? Probably, but I'm not going change things by writing out a list of my shortcomings. Doesn't work for me. I'm just contrary enough to go out of my way to do exactly what I shouldn't.

But it's New Year's Day now and that means a clean slate. Take it and run with it. Just remember there's another one the day after that and the day after that and the get the gist.

Make the most of your year!


Dru said...

Happy New Year!

Linda O. Johnston said...

I like your attitude, Terri. I've got ideas for the New Year, but no official resolutions. Have a wonderful one!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Terri. So glad you'll be part of my 2010!

Camille Minichino said...

Besides, special days that are supposed to do/be special put a lot of stress on me!
Better to wake up on a completely unnoticed day and entertain the possibilities.

Terri Thayer said...

Dru, it's been lovely getting to know you via Facebook. 2009 has been all about FB for me. Keep up the great reading, girl. We need more like you.

Linda, have a great year. You manage to get plenty done without resolutions. Don't change a thing.

Becky, what a great year this will be. For those of who don't know yet, Becky's book The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide is coming out in a few weeks from Writer's Digest. A great book if you've resolved to get thee to a critique group this year.

Camille, I like this idea a lot.

Happy New Year!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Terri, I think you're right. We're pretty dang cool just the way we are. I often find myself wasting my life by living on "Someday I'll," instead of enjoying today. Many hugs to you, my friend and blog sister.

Happy New Year to all. Here's to a new decade...and with every beginning comes new inspiration, opportunity and hope!

Betty Hechtman said...

I think making a list is a waste of time. Either you do stuff, or you don't, but it isn't because you put it on a list.

Me. I celebrate everyday as a fresh start full of good possiblities and usually some surprises.

Happy New Year!