Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Quick Tour of My Office

The first thing my husband told me after he looked at our new home was, "It's got a great office space for you." And he was right.

You see, I couldn't get away to search for new lodgings. My mother was dying with cancer. So finally, I told David, "You'll just have to go find us a place to live. I trust you. You're pickier than I am."

I didn't see our house until the moment we arrived. That said, my husband did a fantastic job.

My office is 17 by 15 feet, with a walk in closet about 8 by 6. It's not only large, it's sunny. There are three windows are to my left as I face my desk. Two windows and a door with a glass window are on my right.
My big desks from England fit against a side wall (for crafting) and an interior wall for my word processing. Mainly, I stare at the screen or the Matisse print I bought in France, so I'm not distracted by the view outside. Yesterday, while I was talking with a friend who's helping me proof Photo, Snap, Shot, my gaze wandered. The snow was coming down in big, thick flakes. Through the woods to our house came our resident fox, his red hair fluffed out and his black stockings padding along softly in the falling snow.

Here's a collection of factoids about my work space:

1. Among of my most helpful tools is a concentration tape by Hemisync.
2. On the bookshelves are china animals from my grandmother's house, as well as a plastic tiger my mom and I found while shopping at Goodwill.
3. My closet is a total disaster. I hope to clear it out after I get done proofreading.
4. I have a success candle on my desk that I bought at Enchantments, a witchcraft store in New York City.
5. I love fresh flowers so I try to keep a vase of them near my workspace.
6. A big wipe board helps me organize my work as I write. I have the days plotted on them, the actions of the characters, and so on.
7. One of my prized possessions is a fossile of a prehistoric fish. I use it as a paper weight.
8. I keep chocolate in my desk drawer along with the Post-It Notes. It's been there a while. I like having it close, although chocolate gives me headaches.
9. My mouse pad has a picture my son drew when he was in fourth grade. It's of a grand piano. (No surprise!)
10. I keep an Ott-Lite in my office. They are true-to-life lights, so I can discern colors accurately when I scrapbook.
11. In my closet are drawers full of rubber stamps and punches. I love both tools!
12. On the back of my desk chair is a small blue afghan I crocheted. I toss it over my feet when they get cold.
What's in your office? What might surprise me if I visited?


Camille Minichino said...

What would not surprise you: posters of NYC, Boston, Monet, Dexter, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Simon Baker; Statue of Liberty, miniature taxi, ...

What might: the Who's the Boss video in my DVD player.

Betty Hechtman said...

You'd probably gasp if you saw how small and messy it is. The surprise might me all the odd ball dolls I have in here with me. I have dolls of Albert Einstein, Da Vinci, Jackie Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth, an Edward action figure from Twilight. Also an Edward Barbie doll, along with a Patrick Dempsey doll from Enchanted (he's got a trench coat. Barbie the detective. Wishbone the dog as Sherlock Holmes. A handmade sweet old lady doll. A Frank Lloyd Wright marionette. And the list goes on. I looked around and saw a boy sailor doll fallen over next to an Egyptian lady doll. There are a couple of Madame Alexander dolls behind them, but they are more your regular dolls. Oh and there's a Buddha doll. How could I have forgotten him.

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Wow, you two do surprise me! Camille, you're a fan of Dexter? I love him, too. and "Who's the Boss"? I'm not familiar with that. Betty, I didn't know you liked dolls! I do, too, and I have a Wonder Woman doll, a small copy of my son's college's mascot, and a tin statue of Sherlock Holmes from his "house" in Londond.

Terri Thayer said...

Mine looks exactly like every other Starbucks!

Despite having two office spaces in my house, I tend to write best when I'm surrounded by noise and the smell of coffee. Even though I prefer tea.

Camille Minichino said...

I love Dexter; I read very dark though I write light.

Who's the Boss is an old sitcom with Tony Danza. Don't know why I like it since there are kids on the show and in general I don't watch comedy (see above!) but Tony gets to me!

And I also write well at my local Peets, Terri ... I love taking a printed out chapter there and working on it, or doodling about plot points.

Linda O. Johnston said...

You might be surprised by the apparent disorganization of my office--but that's only because of all the books, manuscripts, proposals, research materials and promotional items... Then there are the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel items I keep in it (along with my real dogs when I'm in there writing), not to mention copies of all my books in all their published versions!

signlady217 said...

The snack drawer is empty: no chocolate, no cookies, no nothin' :(

My project desk is totally clear, no piles! I'm actually trying to clean it off after each scrapping/sewing session; we'll see how it goes.

You can see the floor! Again, no piles! (Not so at Christmas.)

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Terri, Starbucks? The fuel of authors everywhere? I totally understand that!

Linda, as I proof book #3, I'm making a vow to be more organized. NEVER AGAIN.

Camille, now I remember Who's the Boss!

Betty Hechtman said...

From the photo of your office, Joanna, I find it hard to believe you are at all disorganized.

Mine looks like somebody ransacked it while all the dolls watched.

However, even with all the chaos, I still know where everything is.

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Signlady, when I work on a scrapbooking project, the place looks like a blizzard hit! I haven't gotten any scrapping done lately.

Betty, I guess the closet isn't a total mess... but I do need to cull through all my stuff and toss a lot of it out.

Sunshine said...

Ms Slan
Your bookplates arrived and I am anxious to get started on your books. I love your office--only wish my office could stand that kind of scrutiny!
I am attempting to write a novel based on a happening here in SC where I am wintering. Have the first two chapters written, the last few lines of the last chapter, and the epilogue--maybe not the conventional way to write a book, huh! Now I just have to fill in the middle and that is where I always get stumped. Maybe I should do this as a short story rather than a full fledged novel. My attention span seems destined to do me in!
Anyway, I love finding this site and will enjoy reading all about your "Sisters in Crime"--oops! that's a protected title, isn't it!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Sunni, you're true to your name. The middles are always hard. Good luck!