Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Sampler

When I started out writing my needlework series, I was very ignorant of how the world of stitchers was put together. I relied on advice from several sources, most heavily at the start on Pat Ingle, who owned Needle Nest in Wayzata, Minnesota. When I was doing a signing down in Illinois, Pat told me to contact Dave Stott at his wholesale business Norden Crafts. Dave invited me to visit him, and he and his wife Kris were very kind, explaining how the business worked, showing me around their warehouse, even loading me down with samples of fabrics and fibers. I liked them as people, hardworking, knowledgeable, kind and humorous. Even their shop dog, a low-key basset hound, was kind to visitors. I stayed in touch with questions, which were always promptly answered.

In March of last year Kris died unexpectedly of a stroke. Now I am discovering how much the Stotts were and are liked and admired in the needlework industry. Dave announced that he would like needlework designers to submit three by three-inch sampler motif to create a memorial sampler for Kris, who was very fond of samplers. He asked that they should consider Kris’ interests in their designs: flowers, grdening, hearts, quilts, grandkids, cooking, the American flag, animals. The pattern would be sold and all the proceeds donated to animal protection organizations.

Well, they got about seventy designs, far more than could be used in just one sampler. They have made seven patterns in leaflet form. Many of the designers shared their thoughts about Kris, which are printed on the backs of the charts.

It is heartwarming to see this. There are good people in the business world.

To my readers in Fargo, ND, Wolf Point and Cut Bank, MT, Spokane and Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Sacramento, CA, and Salt Lake City, UT, the start of the Great Train Journey is now mere days away. Tanya and I are leaving June first and arriving in Salt Lake City the sixteenth. (We’re also stopping in East Glacier Park, MT, and Reno, NV, but I’m not making an appearance in either place, but will just be playing the tourist.) See my web site -- -- for a complete schedule.


Linda O. Johnston said...

So sorry to hear of Kris's passing, Monica. She sounds like a wonderful person. I love to hear how people are stepping up to provide sampler designs in her memory--and especially to hear that the proceeds will be donated to animal protection organizations.

Betty Hechtman said...

What a nice idea for a memorial. I think as a rule people who do handicrafts have generous hearts.

Monica Ferris said...

You are right, Betty! Kris did and Dave does give generously of their knowledge of the needlework industry to people trying to gain a toehold in the retail end of that world.

But you know something? The same is true of the mystery genre. I found a general helpful welcome when I wandered into my first mystery convention.