Friday, July 30, 2010

best murder online blogs

Sorry to be late. Just as I was about to post about murder online, my internet went down. That hasn't happened in years. Coincidence? Hmmm...

I'm sharing with you some of my favorite blogs which deal with the subject of murder or writing murder mysteries.

Lee Lofland, a former police detective and writer, shares his vast knowledge on his blog, The Graveyard Shift. Police procedure, weaponry, tactics, it's all here. Lee's sense of humor and love of Barney Fife balances the very serious subject matter. For anyone writing a mystery or just wanting to know how police operate, this blog is a must. If you head over there now, you'll see that Friday is Heros day, which gives tribute to the police officers that lost their lives this week. Today is a particularly heavy day.

If you ever get to see D.P. Lyle and Lee on a panel together, you're in for a treat. Maybe it's because they're both Southern gentlemen, or maybe it's because they both love talking about their areas of expertise. Whatever, it's a win-win for the mystery writing community. Doug Lyle's a cardiac surgeon and a writer who blogs at The Writer's Forensics Blog. He's our go-to guy for forensics advice.

For the true crime buffs, Women in Crime Ink is the blog for you. Hosted by women who are in the business - investigators, journalists, attorneys, writers - this blog gets into the knitty-gritty of murder investigations. These women, and the occasional man, are on a mission to better understand the courts, the victims and the murderers themselves.

These are some of the resources I use. Have you got any favorites?


Camille Minichino said...

The Internet has feelings, too, Terri; of course it went down!

I love Lofland and Lyle, but didn't know about the true crime site. Thanks.

Betty Hechtman said...

Thanks for reminding me about Lofland and Lyle. I've been to workshops done by them, but forgot about their blogs.

Lee Lofland said...

Thanks for mentioning the blog, Terri.

It was a long time ago when I first met with your writing group, huh? See what you guys started!