Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The scariest movie I ever saw was “The Haunting of Hill House.” You never saw the monster that inhabited the house, you only heard and saw the results of its moving around and making threats. It was also, I think, the scariest book I ever read.

I don’t go to scary movies anymore, though I used to be a great fan of them. The special effects are far more horrific and realistic than they used to be, but often the efforts seems as much to horrify and disgust as to scare. I don’t mind a good scare, but I’m not fond of being disgusted.

I had a super time in San Francisco, none of it scary. I kept a diary of events as they happened, and will post that on my web site,, under “Adventures.”

One of my favorite jokes involves a discussion among three men as to the scariest sound they ever heard. The first man says, “I woke up the other night and heard someone moving around downstairs – and I was alone in the house.”

The second man says, “I was on safari and one night I heard the cough of a lion right outside my tent.”

The third man says, “I can top both of you. I took my car to be serviced the other day and when the mechanic opened the hood, he gave this long, slow whistle.”


Dru said...

One of the scariest movies I've seen is "The Birds." Whenever I see multiple birds sitting on a wire, I go to the other side.

Betty Hechtman said...

I'm glad you had a great time in San Francisco!