Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holidays and Social Networking

I’m first to admit that I’m not a tech-type person. On the other hand, I love my computer. I just don’t understand all its abilities--only the ones I need to learn for my writing and otherwise.

Same thing about the Internet. Little by little, I’m learning aspects that make sense for me. E-mail--oh, yes. A long time ago. Blogging--a couple of years ago. Other social networking? I’m working into it gradually. I only joined Facebook a few weeks ago, and I haven’t attempted Twitter yet.

I’m finding that Facebook can be fun! I didn’t think I’d enjoy it, but seeing what other people post intrigues me. And now that the holidays are around us, I’m interested in what others post about how they handle it.

Shopping’s big. Cooking and baking, too. And all of it circles around family. That’s what really counts.

I friend and like a lot of Facebook pages relating to pets and animal rescues, and I’m pleased now to see how they’re related to the holidays, too--caring organizations that can fill people’s dreams with new pets who badly need homes. As long as it’s not all holiday emotionalism, of course. No surprises or impulsiveness that could result in the pet’s being brought back when the holidays are over--a really sad situation.

Some people seem more stressed over the holidays than usual, and that’s what they post about. Maybe talking about it to lots of friends helps.

I’m always interested to read other people’s writing-related posts, too. The holidays can detract from writing time and concentration, so those posts often also relate to this time of year.

How about you? Have you posted something on Facebook or Twitter about something holiday related? What parts of social networking seem to work best for you around the holidays?


Gillian Doyle said...

I agree that social networking is fun for the holidays. (Pictures of kids visiting Santa are particularly enjoyable.)

BTW, you can set up Twitter so that your Tweets are also posted on FB which saves time.

I also like my new sidebar that allows me to see FB & Twitter while doing other things on my, um, working on my novel! I can jump over to a publishing tidbit to mark for later reading or to reTweet publishing news.

Happy Holidays to you!

Linda O. Johnston said...

I'll have to ask you how to link them if I ever get brave enough to try Twitter, Gillian. That sidebar sounds like it's dangerous, though. For me, it would be a good excuse to lose concentration!

Happy Holidays to you, too!

Monica Ferris said...

I haven't joined Facebook yet. It's on top of my list of New Year's Resolutions, however. I'm hoping it doesn't prove too addictive, and that the promise that it helps sales (made by a fellow author) comes true.

Linda O. Johnston said...

My next step on Facebook will be to create a fan page to go with my friends page, Monica. I've heard from writer friends that it helps to have both.

Betty Hechtman said...

I'm on facebook, though I don't spend much time on it. It can really suck up time. It is fun when fans of my books find me.

Janie Emaus said...

I've posted several articles about the holidays.
The Internet is a great way to communiate with long distance family at this time of year.

Linda O. Johnston said...

That it is, Janie. It's always fun to see family's posts on Facebook!