Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Contest? What Contest?

Written Monday evening:

Well, here it is “next week,” and the response to my offer of a free book you named was so poor, I think I’ll hold the contest open another week. And I’ll change the terms and just ask people who are interested in winning a book to let me know, I will pick a name at random and the winner can name the book he or she wants. The choices are: Crewel World, the first Betsy Devonshire mystery; Buttons and Bones, the latest Betsy Devonshire mystery; Murder at the War, my first published mystery; or The Novice’s Tale, the first Dame Frevisse medieval mystery I wrote in collaboration with Gail Frazer. Got it? Let it run another week, and if you’re interested in making a choice of these books, let me know.

Meanwhile, I am on the road again. I’m writing this from a motel in Appleton, Minnesota, having just finished a talk in Canby. We’re on our way to Fergus Falls (isn’t that a great name?), where I’ll do a noon time talk before starting the three-plus hour journey home. There was a pretty good turnout in Canby, but it was a subdued bunch, rarely more than smiling at my funny lines, and asking only a very few questions at the end.

Anyone doing something extra-special for Easter this year? I’m going to church, of course, wearing my newest hat. Then we’re having four friends over for the traditional ham dinner, playing Scrabble into the evening afterwards. So nothing new or extra-special at our place, just a solid, old-fashioned celebration, not too different from the kind I grew up with.


Sarita said...

Still chiming in for Crewel World. I am intrigued.

Easter will be very quiet this year. I've always loved the holiday but this time around it's going to be tough. I'll stay strong and keep busy.

Hope you have a peaceful day!

Terri said...

I'd be interested in the Novice's Tale, sounds good!

Easter will be pretty quiet here, too. My father is in hospice care right now, so that has put a strain on things. But we will make the best of it!

Anonymous said...

Please, throw my name in the hat. I haven't read any of these yet, and would love the introduction.

Jo said...

I'd love a chance to get a free copy of Buttons and Bones. That's the only Betsy Devonshire mystery I haven't read yet. And I must missed your first post.

Nothing special for Easter here.

Elaine said...

Hmmm. Another week to think. Well my Crewel World is not autographed, so that is a pull. I don't remember seeing The Novice’s Tale, the first Dame Frevisse medieval mystery , as an option last week. Gosh, now you've made the decision harder! Well, how about let's see if my number wins and then we both can decide.

Anonymous said...

Crewel World would be wonderful.


Becki said...

i am interested in the free book,
i started reading Cozy mysteries with your Crewel World book and keep up on the series.

Monica Ferris said...

I'm safe back home. The audience in Fergus Falls was about the same size as the one in Canby, but much more alert and responsive.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! The winner will be announced next Tuesday, so stay tuned.

Betty Hechtman said...

I bet your hat is fabulous. Due to complications in my travel plans to Malice, I'm going to be in Chicago on Easter, hoping there's a grocery store open or I'll be eating the old frozen dinners I left last time I was there.

Julie said...

Another vote for Crewel World. I'll get back from LA to Indianapolis on Saturday night, so I won't be doing much of anything for Easter. Will probably have dinner with my daughter and sn-in-law. He's a chef. Dinner should be good. :-)

Colleen said...

Missed this the first time around. All of the books sound good. Would love a chance to win one.

No special plans for Easter, just going to my SIL's for lunch after church.

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

I am sure I put in a request the other day, but just to make sure, I would love to have Buttons and Bones.

jane1 at cp-tel dot net

Liz V. said...

Just beginning to explore cozies, so I'd like to start with your first, Crewel World.

Shel said...

Betty, Jewel-Osco should be open on Easter Sunday. I don't think they close except for Christmas Day. (or at least they didn't when I worked there). Too bad I'm so far out, or I'd invite you over for Easter dinner (I live in Dixon).

Anonymous said...

Easter--my niece is coming out to my mother's to learn to cane chairs, so we will have dinner there.
As an alternative to Scrabble, have you ever played Quiddler? A great word game, a little more portable since it is cards. I am on my third set since I end up giving them away.
If you are still running the contest, I would go for Buttons and Bones.
Becky Preston

Christine Thresh said...

I've worn out my copy of Crewel World -- pages are falling out. I'd love a new autographed one.
This Easter I'll be going to church at St. Alban's Episcopal. Betsy sent me there :-)

cyn209 said...

i would LOVE Buttons & Bones, please!!!!

thanx for the giveaway & sorry that you've had a slow response!! but i'm here now!! LOL!!!!

please have a Peaceful & Joyful Easter!!!


Jody said...

Most interested in The Novice’s Tale.

Nothing special planned for Easter this year unless we take my mother-in-law out to eat. I know she'll be missing her daughter who moved many states away recently.

Susan said...

Murder at the War is the only one of these that I haven't read. Thanks for the chance to win it!

All three of my children will be home for Easter, so that will make it special. I'm looking forward to attending church with them and then cooking a ham for dinner.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I would love a copy of Crewel World. I am currently planning my Excelsior Vacation based on The Series. That requires me to go through each book to find all of the places and things of interest. Naniboujou!
Capria: faithfulgalme@aol.com