Friday, May 27, 2011

Flash Trip

A week ago, I was busy fighting with Word 2010 and going over the copy edit of Behind the Seams. And then, a last minute business meeting came up for my husband and son in Las Vegas. Yay, for laptops. I packed mine up, along with some crochet stuff and Monday we were on our way. I'm never one to turn down the chance to go somewhere.

We have driven there lots of times, so I know the road almost by heart. Their meeting wasn't until Tuesday, so we took our time and stopped at the outlet mall in Primm, Nevada. It was nice to walk around after the being so long in the car. The Williams Sonoma store was fantastic and everything was at a discount. I got this interesting gadget that cores and peels apples at the same time and will come in handy as I make the recipe for Apple Bumble Crumble one more time before it goes into Behind the Seams.

We stopped for dinner on the way into town at a hotel called The M. The air was breezy and pleasantly warm as we walked in from the parking lot. This is about the best time of year for weather in Las Vegas. The buffet was amazing. I was happy to find vegetables in all different cuisines. For the rest of my meat eating family, there were plenty of choices, too. And the desserts - how about mini ecairs and cannolis, along with all different kinds of cakes, gelato and even espresso drinks.

The next day my husband and son went to their meeting and I set up my work in the hotel room. With an occasional glance out the window at the action on the strip, I went back to going through the copy edit. I just think it is so neat to be able to do my work anywhere.

Their meeting was a success and we celebrated with dinner at my favorite, the Grande Luxe Cafe.

I did some more work on my manuscript in the morning before check out time. Then it was off to my son's favorite restaurant Joe's and a brief stop at the Bellagio to check out the conservatory (they change the elaborate plantings every ten weeks) before heading back toward L.A.. I crocheted until it got too dark to see.

I feel like I'm just home for a pit stop before heading to Chicago for the Printers Row Fair. I'll have my trusty laptop with me and get back to writing my seventh book, Knot What It Seams. I love it. Have laptop, will travel.

BTW, anyone in the area, I'm going to be on a cozy panel, Saturday, at ten thirty, in the Harold Washington Library and I'll be in the Mystery Writers of American booth from noon until one thirty. I'll be in the Big Sleep booth from two until three.

Anybody else love to take off and go somewhere at the drop of a hat?


Rebecca said...

Next year I am going to get the Printer's Row dates up early! This year I have to work in the morning and go to a 90th birthday party in the afternoon, sorry to miss you...but I think I see the problem, Memorial Day Saturday off usually means working the next one.
Hope the weather is decent.
Becky Preston

Camille Minichino said...

I'm just back from a wonderful trip with "girl"friends -- to Boston for a surprise birthday party. Some trips are magical, especially if you don't feel "guilty" about not working!

Linda O. Johnston said...

See you at Printers Row, Betty! I'll be at the MWA booth from 10-noon, then at the Big Sleep booth at 3:00.

Betty Hechtman said...

Becky, sorry to miss you, but a 90th birthday is really important. I've traveled from Southern California to Chicago for several.

Betty Hechtman said...

Camille, your trip sound like it was great. I can see how being with a bunch of girlfriends, it would be fun to forget about everything and just do with the moment.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, it sounds like our paths will cross with comings and goings. Fingers crossed there are no tornados or icy tempeatures. Something in the 70's with sun would be nice.

Sarita said...

It sounds like a lovely trip!

Betty Hechtman said...

Sarita, it was a lovely trip. I love going on road trips with my family.