Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sorry, I"m late. My eyes are still ringing. I went to see the Glee kids at the Arena last night. Out of my routine, I forgot what day it was. What I can say, I'm getting old.

As a writer, I can get pretty annoyed by the TV show, Glee. The characters are pretty two-dimensional and inconsistent. Story lines seem to pop up out of nowhere and just as quickly fade into oblivion after a mention or two. The revolving romances between the cast can make you wish for the less complex life of Erika Kane Martin Brent Cudahay Chandler Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Stamp on All My Children.

For me the musical numbers save the day. I don't really need to know why this small high school in Lima Ohio can mount fabulous production numbers or how they got it to fake rain on their high school stage, or why they suddenly know all the words to a song one of them wrote seven minutes earlier. It is a true test of suspending disbelief. Most of the time it works.

Last night, I witnessed why. The kids performed with talent, yes. The songs were amazing and Rachel stopped the show with Don't Rain on My Parade just like on TV. Mercedes killed it. Darren Criss and the Warblers performed perfectly a capella. Artie got out of his wheelchair and danced. Yay! It's safe to dance.

But it was their energy and enthusiasm that I really loved. The group was on stage a lot and the hour and twenty minute show felt much longer. Corey Monteith never stopped grinning and Heather Morris danced in every number. These are people (most of them are well out of their teens) who laid their heart down every time. And it showed. They were having a blast.

My ears still hurt a little and I'm tired this morning. I'm far from a teenager but going back to high school last night was worth it.


Linda O. Johnston said...

I have to admit that I never watched Glee till one of the stars became my neighbor, Terri. Now I get a kick out of it!

Terri Thayer said...

Okay, dish Linda. Who's your neighbor?

Linda O. Johnston said...

In the interest of privacy, I'm not gonna tell you, Terri. So far there haven't been many paparazzi in the area. But sticking it on the Internet... nope!

Betty Hechtman said...

It's kind of strange when you find some TV star as your neighbor. Back when Beverly Nills 90120 was hot the first time, it turned out Luke Perry (for anyone who doesn't know, he was the main badboy heartthrob on the show) lived around the corner.

Shel said...

I love the show. I've passed up the chance to see them live because I didn't think it would live up to the level of the show, but I think you've just changed my mind. I'm a confirmed GLEEK.

Terri Thayer said...

Understood, Linda.
I wouldn't mind living around the corner from Luke Perry. At least in theory. I guess the paparazzi can get annoying.

Terri Thayer said...


Some of the voices were better than expected. (Finn, looking at you.) But to tell you the truth, it was so loud that any nuances are lost. They sounded good and they looked like they were having fun. And it was fun to watch the crowd.

My advice: go and enjoy.