Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Back!

I’ve just ended a very busy ten days with my husband and younger son, traveling with and to family. We started in Ohio, to celebrate my wonderful mother-in-law’s birthday. I won’t say which one, but she’s amazing! As part of the celebration, I got to watch family members play basketball on roller skates in a large barn, which was quite a sight. And, no, I didn’t participate and neither did my m-i-l.

Next, we went to Pittsburgh to visit my father and aunt--always a delight.

We finished the trip in Chicago, where we stayed with our older son and his wife and their adorable Puli, Piper. I haven’t spent much time in Chicago, so the sightseeing parts were fun--an architectural river cruise, a visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and an amazing view of the city and Lake Michigan from the Observatory at the top of the John Hancock Center.

Another highlight of the Chicago visit was the day I spent at the Printers Row Lit Fest, where I signed books at the booths for the Midwest chapter of Mystery Writers of America and the Big Sleep Bookstore, plus I got to do a reading of the beginning of BEAGLEMANIA. The heat and humidity got to me, though. I’m spoiled now, living in Los Angeles! The late-day intense thunderstorm didn’t help, either. But the day was definitely fun nevertheless.

I’m back in LA now, trying to catch up on writing, editing and more. I didn’t work much on the trip. But I definitely had fun!

What’s your most recent trip, and did you enjoy it? Or are you looking forward to one in the future?


Betty Hechtman said...

You got out of town just in time, Linda. It was 96 and humid today. I'm sitting in front of my one functioning air conditioner writing this. I'm ready for some L.A. weather tomorrow night when I go home. Of course, thats when the weather is supposed to change here. Ah, Chicago weather.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I heard that Chicago broke its record for high temperatures yesterday, Betty. It's pleasantly cool here in LA this morning. Have a safe trip back!

Shel said...

I'm sorry I missed both of you, Betty and Linda at Lit Fest. I got to go for about twenty minutes while waiting for my daughter and granddaughter to get into Union Station (their train was an hour late). Did get to see Clare O'Donohue and Joelle Charbonneau at the MWA tent, but would have loved to have met both of you as well.