Thursday, August 25, 2011

A little business first: A few weeks ago, your comments helped me name the latest Dewey book Monkey Wrench. I promised a set of the first three Deweys to a random commenter. That commenter was Allison. I haven't heard from Allison to claim her prize. Allison, if you're out there, wave your hand and shoot me an email at If I don't hear from you this week, I'll pick another winner.

Last week I talked about clearing out my sewing room. This week I spent an entire day sewing. Unrelated? I think not. The new space drew me in and kept me there for hours. It was wonderful. I'll show you what I made in a minute. I did make one really cute project but a lot of what I did was quilt housekeeping. Making the backs for quilts.

Quilts have three layers. Top, batting and backing. Unless you buy fabric that is 108" long, you have to put some panels together to create a piece of fabric big enough for the back. So that's what I did on Saturday. Four times. I find it tedious and not much fun, but it was much easier in my less cluttered space.

I didn't realize how much the visual clutter was bothering me. The haul out of my 8x10 room was three boxes of books and magazines and two large garbage bags of fabric. One small bag of scraps which will go to a woman using them for the dog beds for the shelter. No wonder I was feel overstuffed.

Here's what I made for the newylweds in my life:

They're made of Kaffe Fasset fabrics, like their weddig quilt.

This week I get to go to the longarm and quilt several quilt tops. Freeing up space for me means finishing.

While I was sewing those boring backs, I was watching a fun new-to-me British series called Doc Martin. Have you seen this? It's the story of a London surgeon who ends being a GP for a village full of quirky folks in a Cornish seaside village. Really fun. I've seen Season One and have three more to go. Season Five is being filmed now.

Did you get any good projects completed this week? Or seen any new-to-you shows that you enjoyed?


Carol S said...

Good for you on cleaning and clearing out. It really helps clear the mind also. Putting backers together is always tough; making four decisions in one week, you deserve a pat on the back!!
Today is entry day for our local county fair so I need to go iron my apron and vest I am entering. No sewing this week but have to finish up a couple of state fair entries next week.

Terri Thayer said...

Thanks, Carol! You pat your own back. Good for you putting your stuff in the fair.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I admit to making a couple of baby steps toward organizing my office, Terri. But, hey, a little is better than nothing!

Dru said...

I'm starting a small baby quilt as soon as I get the fabric colors I need.

Terri Thayer said...

Yay Linda! Baby steps add up.

Can't wait to see a picture, Dru!

Betty Hechtman said...

I understand what your saying about a cleared out space is nicer to work in. You're inspiring me to want to get some order in all my yarn and WIPs.