Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where Is This Year Going?

Can you believe it? September starts tomorrow!

I’ve been thinking about all I accomplished this year--and all I’ve yet to do in its final three months. Maybe that’s because I have three stories still coming out before next year begins: THE MORE THE TERRIER, my second Pet Rescue Mystery, which will be an October release, plus my last two Nocturne Bites: HAWK’S CHALLENGE, out in October, followed, in November, by COUGAR’S CHALLENGE.

As I’ve said before, I always thought that a writer just wrote, but some of the additional things I still need to accomplish involve promoting all of the above. I’m in the process of scheduling signings for THE MORE THE TERRIER. Since the Bites are novellas that are only available, initially at least, in e-format, I won’t be signing them. My first Bites, CLAWS OF THE LYNX, was also published in a print anthology, so that’s always a possibility with these two as well.

I’ve been scheduling a blog tour in addition to the fun I have posting here at Killer Hobbies. So far, I have eight lined up and more possibilities to come. If anyone reading this would like me to guest on their blog, too, just let me know. I’m ready!

I met a quick deadline yesterday, in one day--copyedits on COUGAR’S CHALLENGE.

Then there’s my next deadline--my first Harlequin Romantic Suspense story, called at least for now UNDYING LOVE.

And, yes, there’s more, too--my life outside writing also contains some obligations and deadlines that I need to factor in and get done.

What do you still need to accomplish by the end of 2011?


Janie Emaus said...

I'm finishing a tween novel and hoping to get back to my time travel. There aren't enough hours in the day.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I agree, Janie. Care to add a 25th hour?

Betty Hechtman said...

I'm not worried about the end of the year, more like the end of October. My son is getting married and I haven't gotten a dress yet and just started crochdeting a wrap to wear over the not yet bought dress.