Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Schizoid Woman On The Loose

I'd like to introduce to you my fellow Sisters-in-Crime member, Bette Lamb. Bette is the co-author of three books with her husband J.J. Their latest is a medical thrilled titled SISTERS In SILENCE. You can find out more about them and view a trailer for this intriguing book at their website,

I first met Bette and JJ when I was just starting out, venturing out to meetings of MWA and Sisters in Crime, where I knew no one. I could always count on them to welcome me with a smile and what felt like an invitation to the in crowd. Special folks.

Bette is an artist as well as a writer. Above is an example of her work. More pieces at the end.

From Bette:

Each 24-hour period in my life is a desperate race with time -- a frantic, mind-boggling sprint where I have to strangle, squeeze, wrestle, out-distance every single second. Nothing, I mean nothing, ever fits perfectly into one day. And everything that’s not completed always splashes over onto the next day, or the next two days, maybe even eternity.
And why does that happen? Because over the years I’ve morphed into too many people: wife, mother, friend, nurse, painter, potter, sculptor, gardener, reader, music lover, and on and on. Has it ever been easy? No! Life is always too big to manage. But somehow it has been all right; it was working.
Then came a blow that pierced my carefully managed world. It destroyed any illusion that time could ever be dealt with: I became a writer.
How did that happen? And who burst my happy little bubble? J. J. Lamb. It’s all his fault. He wouldn’t listen to me. Well, if I have to be fair, he did listen, but he wouldn’t tackle a story idea that I thought was (of course) FANTASTIC. I hounded him (one might say nag if one didn’t value one’s life). And it wasn’t like I mentioned it every day, but I have to admit it was out there at least monthly. Finally, he turned to me and said, “If that story is ever going to see the light of day, you have to write it.” That did it. And it was the chisel that splintered my solid rock of self-deception -- it shattered it into hundreds of searching personalities that either flow in harmony or pull and tear at each other. And guess what? He’s had to live with it ever since. That’s how Karma works
Did you ever want to freeze time? I mean have everything stop? Stop spinning?
Everyone would be trapped in a kind of time warp, lost in their own world, while I could move at my own chosen pace. Image, 24-hour cycles wouldn’t exist. I could stretch a day into 36 hours. Or 72 hours. Now that’s cool. You could take the time (or is it steal the time?) to really look around. It’s all right there, even now. You might see things for the “first” time. Look at people’s faces, really look. Take the time to really see their expressions, really see their body language and read it. Study their eyes in depth – look into their souls, and maybe even know what’s in their hearts.

Bette Golden Lamb


Carol S said...

Welcome, Bette! What lovely vases; they look like they are hugging.

Betty Hechtman said...

I often have that wish that I could stop time or at least slow it down. These days even doing something boring doesn't help.

Your pottery is beautful!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Writing does seem to overshadow all, doesn't it, Bette?? Welcome to Killer Hobbies! I enjoy seeing the pictures of another aspect of your creativity.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful sculptures! Such a talented person you are.

Kris Neri said...

I'm always trying to figure out a way to add hours onto a too-crowded day, too. Makes it hard to live in the moment when you're always crossing things off your overly-long to-do list. Great pieces, Bette!

Bette Golden Lamb said...

Thanks so much for all the great comments about my art work. Can't help but smile! Bette

Margaret Lucke said...

I'm always in awe of your accomplishments, Bette. Not to mention your time management skills. Any time you'd like to come to my house and whip through my long to-do list, you'll be most welcome!

Terri Thayer said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Bette Lamb is a remarkable, multi-talented woman: she writes, she sculpts, and she still finds time during those busy days to be a good friend to us.
Marcia Muller & Bill Pronzini

Terri Thayer said...

Thank, Marcia and Bill for stopping by. So nice to hear from you. I am a big fan of your work (and of Bette).

Maria Weiskott, Blogge in Chief said...

Interesting idea, my friend, about stopping time for everyone but yourself.

I don't think, however, this would work for me, another schizoid on the loose. As I darted about with purpose, achieving goals in a still realm bereft of time, I know I would sorely miss the floating, swaying drop of leaf from tree, to dewy grass in its entirely; the visible breath of children laughing on a wintry, snowy day; the words 'I love you' silently mouthed by my beloved from across a room; arms flinging open at the sight of me by a grandchild; nods of appreciation; expressions of recognition.

Indeed, your idea is tempting, Bette! For me though, the passage of time keeps awake in me the knowledge that I am still in it, still a part of it. And the rippling of life that the passing of time permits, encourages me to move forward with it.

Just sayin' ......

Although I may not be a fan of stopping time (as opposed to time travel, of course!) I am definitely a fan of most everything else you do, Ms. Bette! And am grateful I've got your books AND your art adorning my home.