Friday, November 4, 2011

This Week

What a week!

My son’s wedding was Sunday. The food was wonderful, and I think everybody had a great time. I got through the dance with my son without tripping over my feet. I gave my toast and got a laugh from the audience and a hug from my new daughter.

Monday was Halloween. The neighbor down the street who rents his house out for movie and film productions had gone over the top decorating for Halloween. I mean really over the top. The whole front yard is hidden from view by extensive greenery and they had created a creepy entrance by putting a castle sized gray gate over their driveway. Next to the entrance there was a car up on the curb as if it had been in an accident. There was a fake dead cow underneath the car. I didn’t actually go in their yard, but I saw a lot of life sized skeletons. Out front, a cherry picker held up a big screen that something was being shown on.

Their house must have gotten on one of the TV news shows or all over Facebook, because the crowd this year was a record breaker. We had 683 trick or treaters. I handed out candy and my husband kept track. For the first time in our personal Halloween history, we ran out of candy - and it was only 7:45.

Later that night we began to notice Goldy, or Blondie as she is called in my books, wasn’t well. She kept skittering around all night, going from one spot to another and then back again. When I got up in the morning, I found her laying in my closet. Anyone who has pets knows that isn’t a good sign. I wrapped her in a towel and we took her to the vet. I was afraid it was going to be a one way trip. We had to leave her because the vet was in surgery and we had to take my brother to the airport. We got the call just as we reached Burbank airport. Thank heavens Goldy wasn’t as bad as she seemed. He thinks she had some arthritis in her spine and gave her some medication.

She is back home and seems okay. I have written about Goldy before and what an unpredictable dog she is. Apparently she liked that first night she spent in my closet because now it has become her sleeping place of choice.

Tuesday Behind the Seams came out in hardcover and You Better Knot Die came out in a paperback edition. Wednesday I began making the rounds of local bookstores to sign stock. I have to say it was pretty cool when I walked in Bookstar in Studio City and saw Behind the Seams on display right by the cash register.

Starting on November 7, I’m going to be one of the featured authors on the Barnes & Noble Mystery Forum. I would love to have you stop by and leave a comment. To get there you go to If you click on books, a menu drops down. At the bottom is Blogs and Forums. Click on that and look through the list until you come to Mystery Forum.

I am also guest blogger today at Cozy Chicks and Dru’s Book Musings


Planner said...

Congratulations, Betty!

I wonder if your neighbor with the flamboyant decorations ran out of candy.

I'm thoroughly enjoying reading Behind the Seams. Can't wait to finish so I know whodunit! (But, then, I'll be eager for the next Molly adventure as soon as I'm done!)

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, I don't even know if they were giving out any candy. Next year, I'm going to go inside the yard and see the rest of the decorations.

Linda O. Johnston said...

So glad that Goldy is okay, Betty. Congrats on your new releases and your son's wedding, not necessarily in that order!

JanG said...

Wow, Betty -- I'm tired just reading about your week. Congratulations on all the good that came your way, and your son's way, and even Goldy's way. I postponed buying the latest book only because it's fun having the signed first editions, and anticipation makes the actual purchase even better. I hope you have time to bask in your achievements, as long as Molly is going to continue her adventures.