Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Various Topics

I’m going to be on television! Tyler Rabe of Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission is coming to our apartment on Thursday afternoon to videotape an interview of me about my books and my hats. They saw an article about me in a magazine called Lake Minnetonka, an elegant monthly. It had a nice photograph of me in one of my big hats and it struck a chord with LMCC. I knew wearing hats would pay off one of these days. Now I have to decide which hat to wear. Maybe I can change off halfway through? I hope I can be witty on command – we’ll see.

I went out with a friend last night to dinner and a movie. We saw “Puss in Boots,” a Dream Works production. It was so elaborate and detailed it hardly seems the term “cartoon” does it justice, and almost makes me wonder if live movie actors are doomed.

The weather was so nice I went out with only a sweater, but that might well be the last time I can do that this year. We went off daylight savings time on Sunday, and it’s shocking how early it gets dark now. Time to come indoors, close the windows, turn on the lights. The year is drawing in, Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and there are already Christmas ads on television. There is a sweet sadness to this season, along with an urge to check provisions, make sure there are the basics in the pantry: flour, onions, potatoes, canned soups. Will the winter coat do for one more year? Are the gloves, mittens, scarves, boots present and in good repair? Is the furnace ready to heat the place? On Sunday I cleared off the flower boxes, and put away the gardening tools. The geese were honking overhead and the squirrels, their coats thickening, were dashing about gathering seeds and burying pine cones. There is already a scent of wood smoke in the air and a general feeling of hustle. Summer is a memory, autumn is making her exit. This morning the pewter sky warns of snow.


Carol S said...

The three new hats you bought would be nice to switch around during your interview. But you would need to change outfits also, LOL! Our leaves are just starting to turn here in Okla; with our drought I thought they would just go to brown but we are getting nice color. Good luck with the interview!

Julie said...

It's going to be really nice today in Indy, mostly sunny and 70, but the hammer drops tomorrow and it will get quite a bit colder. As for hats, I think you should start with something really big and church-lady over the top, and end with the cute black pilgrim style in honor of the season. Geese are flying overhead here, and I need to get out the leaf blower. Fall is winding up, isn't it?

Betty Hechtman said...

What a lovely post. You really captured the feeling of this time of year. Even here in Southern California it has gotten cold, though the grass is bright green and the oranges on the trees are ripe and juicy

I'm sure you will be great in your TV appearance. I remember sitting with you at a Berkley dinner - you are a great story teller.

Monica Ferris said...

Gosh, green grass and ripe oranges on the trees! Sounds like heaven. Thanks for the compliment, Betty.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Wish I could see you on TV, Monica. Will your interview be posted on the Internet? I hope to see Puss in Boots. And I just returned from a trip I'm going to blog about in a few minutes where the weather was apparently better in the east than it was in Southern California--most of the time, at least.