Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Abundance of Addresses

I have 7 email addresses: 5 Yahoo, 1 Rocketmail, and a G-mail.

Too many, you say? Maybe so. But I use them each for different purposes.

One’s my long-time old one that has a lot of stuff saved in it, including an abundance of contacts. One’s mostly for promotional purposes for my writing. One’s to collect names and addresses for my very periodic writing newsletter. One is for my lawyer persona.

Another is one I use to collect junk email that I might actually read, such as Groupon deals and other bargains. Plus, it contains my link to Freekibble, where I answer a question each day about dogs, and each response generates a donation of kibble to help needy canines. (There’s a cat link, too.)

I started my Rocketmail account when I first joined Facebook. My husband joined FB before I did, and his email was immediately hacked. I wanted to protect my other email addresses, so I decided to start a new one to use for social networking, including FB and my website.

My g-mail address has a couple of purposes, including access to the Killer Hobbies blog! I also use it to run Google Alerts on certain subjects, including myself. Always interesting to see what turns up.

I do use different passwords for each. Do I confuse them at times? Not often, but occasionally.

Those are my main addresses, unless you also count other social networking addresses such as my Facebook account...

How many addresses do you have? Do you find them all useful?


Janie Emaus said...

I would never, ever be able to remember all those passwords!

Katreader said...

I have 3...but I'm considering adding more. I have 1 for personal stuff, 1 for my plush rats that travel the world, and 1 for groups, newsletters, groupons and so on. That third is getting too crowded-so I may add another and put more of those things there. It's just the thought of checking them all-as it is I rarely check Amelia's (my traveling rat).

Linda O. Johnston said...

Some of the passwords are similar, Janie. I just have to remember which one goes with what address!

Linda O. Johnston said...

How fun that Amelia has her own email address, Katreader. Those "junk" emails do start adding up, don't they?

Betty Hechtman said...

I have one email connected to my website and another which I've had forever, an another I need to access through outlook, but I don't have outlook on my computer. Oh, and there's one connected to my kids' mystery, and one from my attempt at selling something on ebay.

Email was great at first, but now it's overhwhelming.

Dru said...

I have to receive newsletters; one for personal usage; one I use for web maintenance job I have and one that came with my cable provider.