Friday, February 17, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

This is going to be a short blog. We went on a last minute business trip to Las Vegas and I haven’t been online much for the past couple of days. My emails are piling up, but the people watching has been great.

Apparently a lot of people think desert means hot year round, so I have seen a lot of woman wearing sandals and capri pants. The temperature is in the 50s and dry which to me makes it feel colder. I was glad to have on long pants and warm socks.

I have also watched a lot of women going by in murderous looking shoes. Murderous on their feet. If there was any doubt about the discomfort of their skyscraper high heels, all you had to do was watch how they walked as they went by. Their gait was awkward and about as far from graceful as you could get.

I won’t even go into what seems to be passing for dresses now.

Lots of couple were fun to watch. They were the ones who’d obviously been together for a long time, but passed by, hand in hand.

There were lots of foreign tourists. I always like to imagine what Las Vegas must be like through their eyes.

I don’t gamble. It doesn’t even occur to me anymore. I used to like to play video poker for a quarter, but ever since the machines started dispensing vouchers if you won instead of coins, I lost interest.

The hotels on the Strip are great for people trying to get in those 10,000 or whatever the number is of steps you’re supposed to take in a day. Everything is a long walk. You want a cup of coffee - walk down the cavernous hallway to the elevator. When you get to the lobby walk a convoluted route to get through the casino to find the coffee place. The hotel across the street only appears to be across the street. By the time you walk there, you’ve probably logged in a half a mile of steps.

In our usual zigging when other zag, we will be heading home as people flood the highway in the opposite direction on their way to Vegas for the long weekend.

It is always nice to go away, but I will be glad to get home where I only have to take a few steps in a direct route across my house to get my morning coffee.


Planner said...

Sandals in 50-degree weather--it's making me cold just to think about it! Glad you had a nice time!

I just discovered that your next book, If Hooks Could Kill, is available for pre-order on and will arrive on November 6. I got my order in! It will probably be the only thing I do early this year. Can't wait to read it.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I always enjoy visiting Las Vegas, Betty, even though over the years we have run into unexpected weather there, like a flood! Walking around there is fun because you can see Paris and Egypt's pyramids and all sorts of fountains and other sights all in one area if you go far enough. And, yes, there's gambling, too. I enjoy poker machines as well--I can usually play for a while before the few dollars I'm willing to bet are gone,.

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, it gave me cold feet just to see those sandals.

Thanks for telling me about Amazon. I'll have to check it out.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, we were in Las Vegas during a flood once, too.

This time no flood, just snow on Mt. Charleston and in the high desert.