Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Am I a Scrapbooker? WHAT?!?!

Yesterday, I wrote about the lessons I’ve learned from my readers here on my own blog. I was the guest at a mystery readers group at a local bookstore. At first, it was a bit nerve wracking. But it turned out well—readers love writers and writers love readers. It’s a fascinating symbiotic relationship.
One of the things we discussed was the scrapbooking element in SCRAPBOOK OF SECRETS. Am I a scrapbooker? Would I have a plot without the scrapbooking? Yes to the first question. No to the second. If you pulled the scrapbook of secrets out of my book, there would not be a thread that ties all of the other stories together. It’s that simple. I don’t think this is true in all craft mysteries, though I am no expert in them. Many that I’ve read could switch from one craft to the other and there would be no real plot problem with it. There is no right way and no wrong way. It’s simply a different way.
And yes, I am a scrapbooker. I’m not an expert, like Joanna Campbell Slan, my fab blog sistah. I’m just a mom who tries very hard to find the time to keep up with it, which can be a challenge. Recently I’ve caught up on my Halloween scrapbook and I’m thinking hard about a mini-scrapbook about our trip to New York to celebrate my daughter’s thirteen birthday. Scrapbooking, for me, is a lot like writing, in that if I am not doing it, I’m thinking about it. So when I sit down to do it, I am SO ready that things just really flow.
How about you? How do you find the time for fun projects in your hectic lives?


Linda O. Johnston said...

Since my most fun projects other than writing involve my dogs, Mollie, they insist on my finding the time!

Mollie Cox Bryan said...

Oh yes, I know how insistent dogs can be. Thanks for commenting, Linda!

Betty Hechtman said...

The great thing about crochet is that it's very portable. I can take it along and do a few rows when I get stuck waiting.

Mollie Cox Bryan said...

Oh yes. I admire the knitters and and crocheters. Scrapbooking and quilting are a lot less portable. Thanks for commenting.